Workplace Communication


GoogleInc. is an international company that deals in technology developmentsuch as smartphones, social media app, web browsers, and smartcontact lenses. Google Company has around twenty eight thousandemployees in approximately thirty locations within the United States(Great Rated 1). Employees have a great responsibility to transformthe world through innovative technology. Employees work in cube workenvironment. Although employees can easily communicate with theirsuperiors, Google has humanized technology in the work place, hencehindering interaction among workers (Great Rated 1).

Googlevalues employee opinion when developing company policies. The companymakes use of shared document technology to ensure all employees havean opportunity to air their views on company decisions (Crowley 1).The Hangout program enables employees unable to attend a meeting tofollow the proceeding from whenever they are. Similarly, employeescan use computer or phone cameras to have a technologicalface-to-face communication with their colleagues or managers.However, The Company’s top executives and founders avail themselvesat the headquarter at least once in a week for a physical interactionwith employees (Crowley 1).

Googleadvocates for transparent sharing of information and ideas. Themanagement keeps all employees updated with on key changes and issues(Great Rated 1). Similarly, the management is approachable and easyto reason with. For example, Engineers can voice their concerns onbad decisions made by senior management who are willing tocollectively find a solution (Great Rated 1).

Googlehas adopted a technological communication pathway where informationis conveyed through email or instant texts and Hangouts (Higgins 1).Employees are able to communicate to customers or senior managementthrough instant message services. This measure facilitates equity,transparency, and timely communication.

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