Wk5 Culture of safety


Renee, a nurse leader, is overemphasizing excellent performance andzero medical errors in the medical unit. Renee’s approach is morefocused on eradicating medical errors rather than promoting a cultureof safety and work ethics. Her approach has instilled fear andprohibited accountability and transparency for nurses. It could be agreater problem than minimizing medical errors. According to Groveset al (2011), in the process of nurses covering up for each other,they are hiding more grave medical errors. Those hidden medicalerrors could be worse than what Renee reports in the nursesperformance.

Changing the culture of fear to a culture of safety can be achievedby encouraging transparency and accountability amongst the nursesrather than probation. This can be achieved through a friendlyapproach whereby, Renee stops taking the role of a leader but viewsherself as a nurse too. To use the friendly approach Renee shouldincrease her communication with the nurses and encourage them to talkto her. Increased dialogue and interaction will lead to openness,transparency and create a friendly working environment. She alsoneeds to avoid focusing on the medication errors and focus onimproving patient safety and quality delivery of care. According toUlrich and Kear (2014) medical errors occur but can be minimizedthrough an approach that does not make the nurses feel punished.

According to the ANA provision four, the nurse should be accountableand responsible for their nursing practice for the appropriate taskdelegation to provide patients with the best care (ANA, 2011). ANAcode of ethics applies to this situation due to failed accountabilitywhich should be applicable for all registered nurses (Ulrich (2014).For Renee to recover transparency and accountability amongst thenurses, she needs to emphasis on this provision and use a better formof dealing with medical errors that does not subject the nurses tofear.


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