What Are Some Of The Reasons Why It Is So Difficult To Change The Health Care System?

WhatAre Some Of The Reasons Why It Is So Difficult To Change The HealthCare System?

WhatAre Some Of The Reasons Why It Is So Difficult To Change The HealthCare System?

Thereare several factors that make it had to implement any change in thehealth care system. Firstly, many agencies and professionalassociations hugely regulate the health care system at both state andfederal levels. The federal government reimburses health care viaadministered prices therefore, it is the dominant payer as far asthe health care is concerned. In connection to this, more regulationand piecemeal legislative action have been witnessed due to variousmarket forces in this industry

Consumerismis another factor that makes changes in the health care industry hardto implement. In the past, consumerism incorporated third-partypayment and first-dollar coverage, uncertainty over product quality,spending approximately three-quarters of the money without patients’knowledge, infrequent purchases, and customized transactions.However, nowadays consumerism is prevalent in many areas includinghealth care financial services in form of smart cards, boutiquemedicines that are offered by physicians with an aim of avoidingmanaged care organizations, consumer-directed health plans, personalhealth records, consumer cost-sharing programs, and employer wellnessprograms. Most of these areas lack proper widespread of consumerengagement.

Similarly,medical profession has an immense influence on health care deliveryhence, taking control of about 85 percent of all sending in either adirect or an indirect manner (Burns,Bradley, and Weiner,2011).Following this, most physicians almost or entirely make and controlany decisions that govern the allocation of various resources withinthe health care sector. These decisions may include but not limitedto admission of patients to hospital bed, scheduling of imaging orlaboratory test, as well as performance of a surgical procedure.

Additionally,most nongovernmental sectors in health care industry have continuallyconsolidated over the past three decade therefore reducingcompetition, conferring market power, and fostering higher prices.


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