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Hereat Green Stock Nigeria Limited, we are committed to serving bothindividuals and corporations with their agricultural needs. Thecompany hires a team of experts who are ready to offer solutions forcash crop production, animal husbandry, agro-based processingindustry, agriculture based equipment leasing, farm management, andconsultancy services. Furthermore, we offer a wide range ofagricultural products and service with the possibility ofagricultural franchising.

GreenStock Nigeria Limited has been in existence for 14 years and isconsidered as one of the dominant and reliable agricultural basedfirms in Nigeria. From the day it was founded, in the year 2001, wehave strived to deliver quality products and services to all ourclients. We take pride in the extensive research we conduct to ensureour customers get the services and products that place them on thefront line of their business endeavors.

Hereat Green-Stock Nigeria, we are committed to serving both small andmedium enterprises, big enterprises, and individuals achieve theirobjectives. Since agriculture is a vital source of income in mostAfrican countries, Green-Stock Nigeria LTD takes the extra stride inguaranteeing that it meets the international standards in theagribusiness industry (Dinar, 2013). Such strides have seen usstretch our market share beyond Nigeria.


Asagriculture based organization, we offer a variety of services thatinclude:

Cashcrop production: There are tons of cash crops in Nigeria and we areequipped with providing a range of resources towards theirproduction. From Sugarcane, cocoa beans, rubber, cotton seed, cottonlint, coffee, palm oil, and palm kernels, to mention but a few, weprovide our clients with the best solutions towards qualityproduction of these produce (Dinar, 2013). Green stock alsocontributes largely towards the economic advancement of theagribusiness industry we have tailor-made products and services fornew agricultural based entrepreneurs.

AnimalHusbandry: A healthy nation is dependent on ample food and farming.With low income and unemployment rates in Nigeria, we took theinitiative to offer livestock produce. This not only provides foodfor people, but also acts as employment for the nation’sunemployed. Through our unlimited support to livestock farmers,Nigeria, and other neighboring nations has contributed to a steadyincrease in GDP from livestock generated income.

Agro-basedProcessing Industry: All agricultural based produce face a challengewith regard to processing and packaging. Here at Greenstock Nigeria,we have a network of facilities to help farmers process theirproduce. By so doing, we eliminate the hustle the farmers have to gothrough to find ideal means for processing their produce. All ourfacilities are equipped with skilled personnel and top of the linemachinery to ensure quality produce. In addition, we offer ourclients with a ready market to sell their farm produce with ease. Byintervening in the production process, our farmers ensure they investmore in producing quality products. Equipment Leasing: in oureffort to ease the produce of agricultural based products, we offerour clients the option of leasing from a wide range of equipment tosuit their everyday need. From small-scale farmers to large-scalefarmers, we offer practically any equipment that clients can opt tolease rather than buy.

ConsultingServices: The growth of agriculture especially from the agribusinessperspective brought with it new players into the industry. Thestakeholders within the agriculture industry all have vital roles toplay especially from a professional stand. We at Green Stock Nigeria,have a team of professionals ready to offer their knowledge towardsenriching our clients with wise and strategic advice on how to growtheir businesses.

FarmManagement: For most of our clients who own farms, we offer solutionsand strategies on how well they can capitalize on their farms andtheir respective produce. The art of farm management is paramount toour clients’ growth within the agriculture industry. The certifiedteam working with us is prepared to offer any needed help to ourclients on how they can manage their farms with prospects ofincreasing the quality and quantity of their produce throughutilization of the resources at hand.


GreenStock Nigeria deals with practically all-agricultural produce fromboth plant and animals. It is an all rounded company. We are tailormade to offer our services to any potential client. As for plantsrelated products, we deal with palm oil, cotton, rice, rubber, yams,cassava, millet to mention but a few. As for animal products, wemajorly deal with cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and fish products.


Thelevel of youth unemployment in Nigeria and most of Africa isalarming. However, by providing employment opportunities to theyouth, they can become productive assets to their nations. Accordingto Dinar (2013), 40% of Nigeria’s GDP comes from agriculture andthat the country has more than enough labor to meet the demand. Inorder to utilize the high number of skilled yet unemployed labor, wehave a franchise model that looks to offer opportunities forsmall-scale farmers by providing a series of services. We targetsmall-scale farmers and train them to develop and produce strongfranchise farmers administrations. We offer approaches towardsfacilitating four levels of risk mitigation. Thus helpingstakeholders raise cost effective capital for their respectivefranchises. Provide a balance of ample agricultural inputs,strategically applied at competitive prices. By these strategies,any franchise members are bound to attain optimal production levelsthat are of quality.

OurCorporate Value

Weare dedicated to serving the vital need for food production withinour nation. By so doing, we aim to provide the necessary resources tohelp boost the agricultural industry. In turn, a sustainable andreliable agribusiness brings about improved living standards for thewhole nation. Our targets are in harmony with the nation’s vision2030 of steering Nigeria towards becoming a leading exporter ofagricultural products to the international market. In addition, seethe reduction of youth unemployment and poverty levels by equippingyouth with the will power to be self-dependent. Finally, yetimportantly, we are dedicated to helping other nations surpass theiragribusiness targets by working together towards a bright,self-sustained continent.


Weare dedicated to preserving the nation’s environment at all costs.The agricultural activities supported by Green Stock Nigeria condoneany process, services, as well as products that destabilize thecommunity’s welfare, and or the environment. We as an organizationhave a responsibility to ensure that we provide the best solutions,advice, services, and or products that uphold our value towards ahealthy nation. We advocate the use of resources that do not inhibitor pollute the environment. We condone a wasteful use of unclean andun-reusable energy.


Dinar,A. (2013).&nbspClimatechange and agriculture in Africa: Impact assessment and adaptationstrategies.London:Earthscan.