Wallace Jackson

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24March 2015

StrawberryLetter 23

Theselected song is “Strawberry Letter 23” by Shuggie Ottis. I chosethis song because it has been my favorite song since I was 16 yearsold. On listening to the song for the first time, I noticed it wasunique and different from others played on radio. Particularly, thesong had a new and unique hip sound. When listening to the song, itopens with a solo keyboard that is appealing to the ears and lyricslovely to the soul. The bass guitar follows the keyboard with thelead guitar playing in the background. The harmony of these three isgreeted by the incorporation of the rest of the instruments.

Afterfalling in love with the song the first day, I have been listening toit ever since, as one my favorite songs. More importantly, the songhelped me to learn how to truly express myself. This is because thesong taught me how to say what I really feel. I love the coherencein the song, especially the way the singer flows with the words in aneasy manner. His tone and the way he expresses himself in the songshows that he is really in love with the person the song is dedicatedto. He also uses a unique selection of words that are not usedcommonly in many love songs. For example, the first line catches myattention because it is romantically unique.

Thesinger says, “Hello my love, I heard a kiss from you. Red magicsatin playing near, too All through the morning rain, I gaze, thesun doesn`t shine. Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind”(Shuggie Ottis).

Inthe above lines, the singer is using metaphor and imagery to trulyexpress his feelings to the special person in his life. In the song,it is clear that the two lovers numbered their letters sent to eachother. The previous letter was letter 22, and the singer is nowresponding with the letter 23. It is worth noting that the song waswritten at a time when mobile phones were not yet invented.Therefore, the singer takes the letter as the only thing that canshow his presence to the lover because he cannot be with her.