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Walgreens is a major drug retailer chain in America. A company makesit possible for consumers to access products and services, whichinclude pharmacy services and health and wellness services via theirretail drugstores. Walgreens has on location stores as well as onlineones (Naveen, 2015).

The features and attributes involves ensuring that they provide thebest health information to their customers, in addition to ensuringservices and goods are obtainable, which assist in improving health.The focus is on people leading healthy lives, either through eating,exercising or even looking attractive through beauty products.

The benefits of Walgreens involve educating on health, making drugsavailable online and in-store and selling healthy products toconsumers.

The prices for Walgreens products are dependent on the location ofany of the company’s store. For instance, shoppers at Dallas-FortWorth are likely to spend three dollars more when buying Folgerscoffee, which is dependent on their selected location (CNN Money,2013).

The product fits in with the competitive landscape by offeringcompetitive prices. This is achieved through determining whatproducts require to have reduced price leaders, in which stores,while enhancing prices on different items where possible.

Walgreens has many stores within all the fifty American states. Inaddition, the company sells online through websites and the recentdigital one-stop shop (Naveen, 2015).

Walgreens main target audience is 25-54 year old females that havetwo children (Abarett, 2015). The target acts as the main caretakerfor an aged parent, has a high school certificate and averageearning. Second targets are the elderly, 65 years and above (Abarett,2015). Walgreens benefits from this target, as they will needprescription drugs as well as medication. Tertiary, Walgreens targetspersons that have chronic illnesses.


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