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Wal-Martis the world’s largest retailer that has achieved major milestonesover the years. In recognition of exemplary performance in certainareas, the firm has won several awards including the Best Companiesfor Multicultural Women (2010) (Wal-Mart 2015), Waste NewsEnvironmental Award (2005), and Corporate Patriotism Award (2004)among others (Ferrell &amp Ferrell, 2006). The most recent award wasthe 5thShopper Marketing Effie Awards. The awards, celebrated on March 17ththis year, recognize corporations “that have the most effectiveintegrated campaigns designed to engage and guide shoppers to thepurchase process” (Effie Worldwide, 2015). The awards are organizedby Effie Worldwide together with Path to Purchase Institute. Theannual awards are organized into several categories. For this year’sevent, Wal-Mart collected five awards coming second to Procter &ampGramble that collected six awards.

Entrantswere judged by a panel of veteran marketers over a period of time.The panel assessed entrants on areas of shopper marketing examining“whether the process: is insight driven, is category focused, isstrategic and systemic, serves shape behavior, focuses on addressingshopping barriers and evokes emotions” (Effie Worldwide, 2015). Itis clear that the firm takes pride in the awards as they were highlypublicized in the media and the firm’s website.

Inspite of the many awards that recognize Wal-Mart’s exemplaryperformance, the firm has been repeatedly cited for poor performancein certain areas. Low wages and poor working conditions for employeeshave repeatedly cropped up in the media. It has also been accusedused of child labor in sourcing some of it products especially fromthird world countries. Consequently, the firm was awarded a shamingaward in 2005 named the Public Eye Jury Award in the category LaborLaw (The Public Eye Awards, 2005). The same year, the firm facedfederal charges of child labor and agreed to pay $135,540 in fines(Greenhouse, 2005). A New York Times opinion article in 2014 furtheraccusing Wal-Mart of poor wages among other ills received a responsefrom the firm with verifiable facts that showed the accusations werefalsehoods (Joseph 2014).


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