Wal-Mart smart cart Implementation plan Background

Wal-Martsmart cart: Implementation plan


Thisimplementation plan outlines how the Wal-Mart smart cart system wouldbe deployed, installed and turned into a complete operational system.The plan describes the acquisition and development process of thehardware and software needed, data conversation, training ofemployees, the important tasks that would be carried out during theimplementation process as well as the general resources required forthe implementation process to be successful. The smart cart systemaims at minimizing the physical effort that clients put into carryingof their commodities from the cashiers’ desks to their vehicles(Price, 1996). The implementation of the systems requires a number ofresources including human resources, software, and hardware amongothers.


Forthe system to successfully implemented, a number of changes inworkflow, organizational structure as well as personnel plans will benecessary. The modifications in the workflow would mainly involve theinclusion of extra staff whose main role would be to direct thecustomers on how to use the smart carts (Price, 1996). In terms oforganizational structure, it will be necessary for a newsub-department that solely deals with the managing and maintenance ofthe smart cart system to be created.

Involveduser groups

Theimplementation of the smart system project will involve differentgroups of people. The support from top management would be crucial ifthe implementation is to be successful ( (Price, 1996). Not only willthe top management be involved in ensuring that the requiredresources are available, but their monitoring would also be necessaryin order to ensure that the project in fully implemented within thestipulated period of time. All levels of employees would also beinvolved in the implementation of the project. Most importantly, theinvolvement of the customers during the implementation process wouldbe necessary in order to identify areas that need correcting ormodification from the customers’ perspective.


Anevaluation of the project would be carried out in order to identifythe hardware, software as well as human resources required for thesuccessful implementation of the project. A review of the proposalswill also be conducted. The project manager will coordinate with thetop management to ensure that all the necessary resource areavailable. Hardware resources that would be required during theimplementation process include desktop computers, cables, tools,cameras as well as screens. Environmental resources would benecessary. The required environmental resources include electricalre-wiring, construction of new control rooms as well as installationof other support systems including a camera system and a coolingsystem.


Theimplementation process would utilize the software resources that arecurrently available. The softwares will be developed and modified inorder to meet the different implementation needs. Additionalsoftwares will be obtained from third parties but they will not bepurchased as packages. This is aimed at reducing the overallimplementation costs.


Theimplementation of the smart cart system would require the conversionof the company’s database to a new system. This would ensure thatthe current system is captured by the database and that it iscompatible with all the other systems


Thetesting of the entire system would be carried out in order toidentify any mishaps and areas that would require modification orcorrection. The testing process will involve the cashiers and othergroups of employees who work in the areas around which the systemwill be utilized. Testing of the entire system will also revealwhether the system has correctly been set up.


Trainingsessions aimed at showing both the employees and the customers howthe system works will be carried out. The employees would be trainedfirst. They will be expected to later on direct the customers on howthe system operates. Managers and other stakeholders will alsorequire training and information on how the system works. This willmake it possible for any extra suggestions to be forwarded.


Priorto execution, a codebook would be created. It will be used to keep inone place all the records of updates as well as any modification thatwould be carried out on the system.


Price,R. M. (1996). Technology and strategic advantage. CaliforniaManagement Review, 38, 38-56.