Violated expectations Author’s


Violated expectations


In work environment today, conflicts have become rampared betweenthe team leaders, individuals and subordinate staff. They work in thesame environment but no communications goes along at all which isdangerous for the success of the organization. Leaders at timesdeliberately provide false information to build the image of theorganization (Dyer et-al., 2013). An estate manager changed figuresin books of accounts to reconcile before sending the report to thehead office because he had mismanaged the resources.

In addition, they expect subordinates do what they say because theyare the boss, unfairly blames the subordinates for their failures andexpect perfect work to be done before giving any instructions on howto perform it. If you don’t achieve this, they consider you asinferior and blame you for any wrong act. Corrupt leaders stealsubordinates and individuals good ideas and use them for their ownbenefit (Dyer et-al., 2013). Leaders don’t care if one has personalagendas and will always want to set guidelines for subordinate on howto spent their free time and resources. We used to go work even onholidays and weekends. In conclusion, leaders do not care givingcompensation and rewards for good job performed and instead theycriticize all the time.

On the other hand, subordinates are at times careless on how theyhandled their work. Once, I made a company almost experience a lossof $ 45000 due to incorrect entry of figures in a pay slip. They cometo work late and don’t want to be cautioned, keep secret errors andproblems encountered which negatively impact on the organizationlater. In addition, some assumes responsibilities, do not consult andend up doing the wrong thing (Dyer et-al., 2013).

Upon wrong entries of wrong figures, strict warning to be verycareful was given. Workers complained on their free time and holidaysare now granted, except when circumstance forces them to work on suchdays. It was suggested that workers be compensated for good workperformed and promotions be granted where necessary. In conclusion,leaders are to give instructions in advance on how to handle a taskand not just assuming that workers know what they are expected to do.


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