Video Game Design and Development


VideoGame Design and Development

VideoGame Design and Development

Inthis article, Rebecca Clay, looks at how the development of videogames has changed since the 1980s. Companies designing and developingvideo games are now seeking the services of psychologists to guidethem in analyzing the content to ensure that their products areeffective. She further states that there is fast growth in the sectorof mobile gaming due to the rise of smart phones, and ipads. Thegovernment has also become an interested party in this sector unlikewhat it was before and has provided opportunities for women.

Thisresearch is essential as it addresses the issue of the changing trendin the designing of video games. It helps the reader to criticallyanalyze this development and to be able to connect the growth to thepeople being affected by it. For example, the author states thatthere is increased participation of women where the demand for womenproducers has risen.

Itis also essential in assessing the effect that this has on thepopulation. As the author states, there before, people just used tojust play video games but today, they are paid to play. There is alsothe need for psychologists to help assess the production. All that apsychologist needs to do is to be passionate about playing the gameas well understanding how they work. There is also the aspect of thedevelopment of superior video games teaching the masses on ways inwhich they can protect themselves. One just needs to take care of thenegatives like taking up a lot of time and companies laying off staffwhen new games emerge and they will enjoy the experience.


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