Velo and Maps Coffee Roasters Presentation

Veloand Maps Coffee Roasters Presentation


Veloand maps coffee roasters presentation

The Kansas CityMillion Cups events allow entrepreneur in the city a chance toshowcase their services in a live event. The program set by theKauffman Foundation proffers local startups an occasion to presentthe services offered by their businesses or companies to a diverseviewers of advisors, mentors, and business magnates. In this case,Vincent Rodriguez, David Dye, and Julie Pedalino give a presentationabout their shop, the Velo and Maps Coffee Roasters. Duringthe presentation, Rodriguez and his associates discussed theirbusinesses, experiences sought and accomplished, challengesencountered, and most important, and the services they offer topeople. Velo and Maps Coffee Roasters, is a bike business that makescustomized bikes such as Surly, Kona, Linus, and All City for peoplewith handmade frames. The entrepreneurs discussed the story behindthe rise of the shop, the 20 years of coffee experience they haveproffered to people, the relationships they have cultivated amongpeople in the society, and the unique experience they create byroasting coffee and giving free beer to bike shoppers. Other issuesdiscussed during the presentation includes, the marketing strategycultivated by the company, interests of the company, passion of theentrepreneurs, and the representation of the company to people.

Rodriguez, theowner of the company had a challenge to do something momentousespecially having a great history with a coffee business for 18years. Rodriguez creative side and the inspiration to do somethingdifferently developed into a desire to make customized bikes forpeople. Using savings, money from friends, and small loans, Rodriguezmanaged to start the bike business, which uses anvil jig, tubeblocks, and OA setups to design and create the bikes. Rodriguezmanaged to create a team that collaborated together in providinghandmade frames and customized bikes to people. In fact, he managedto create a team that consisted of mechanic, frame builder, shopmanager, and other dedicated members. Based on the members’commitment to bikes, inspiration, Rodriguez managed to bring his ownfamily of artisans mentioned above with experiences and skills inmaking or designing bikes and roasting coffee.

The mostimperative takeaway that I obtained from the presentation is thatinjecting one’s passion in a business is the most defining aspectin the success of the business. Rodriguez asserts that he had apassion for roasting coffee and creating connections with people bydesigning customized bikes. By trusting his passions and putting thepassion to work, Rodriguez managed to start one of the mostpredominant bike shop in Kansas City. Secondly, it is important toengage with people via the social media and websites as thepresentation shows. In the presentation, one notes that Rodriguez hashad a problem in communicating all the services offered in the shopas well as the prices of bikes, and refuting the misconceptions thatpeople have created regarding customized bikes on weight. Inaddition, the team involved in developing a business determines thesuccess or failure of a business.

The presentationoffers a glimpse on some imperative aspects of identifying businessopportunities and creating those opportunities as business successfactors. The million cup experience offers entrepreneurs a chance todiscuss their business and receive helpful information from otherentrepreneurs, advisors, and mentors thus, I have managed tounderstand how such an experience can give entrepreneurs confidencein managing their business.


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