Vaccinations Webinar




Thewebinar explores the measles outbreak experienced in the UnitedStates and the legal issues associated with the pandemic. The webinarfeatures expert speakers who present their expert knowledge about thecauses and the prevention of the outbreak through vaccination. Amongthe speakers is the moderator of the webinar, Montrece Ransom, wholeads the rest of the experts in examining the outbreak (Ransom,2015). The experts discuss the importance of vaccination in the fightagainst measles as well as other infectious diseases. While thedisease was declared eliminated in the year 2000, it resurfacing onJanuary 2015 gives the experts a case to cite in the webinardiscussion.

Fromthe webinar, I leant the legal aspects of the vaccination exercise ofpreventing infectious diseases. In the webinar, the speakers reviewvaccination laws that guide the preventive exercise and theirapplication. In addition, their education on the exceptions to thelaws is very insightful in the webinar. They further explore thetemporary exclusion laws relating to the people who are notvaccinated. Particularly, the speakers cite the case of Los Angelesand highlight the lessons learnt by the county during theimplementation of the legal disease control (Ransom, 2015).

Thewebinar gives important insights on the benefits of vaccination andthe appropriate ways of handling the concerns about vaccination asdescribed by the Vaccine War debate (PBS, 2015). Through the webinar,I understand the importance of public education about the benefits aswell as the risks involved in vaccination. This helps theunderstanding of the need to vaccinate and establish policies thatconsider a balance between the benefits and the risks. While theconcerns of the public should be considered, the measles outbreakserves as a reminder of the need to keep vaccination part of thepreventive measures.


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