Unchained Melody a reflection about music and its relation to language

UnchainedMelodya reflection about music and its relation to language

InkaGold is group that was formed by two brothers OscarAndres Morales Vega and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega. This groupperforms traditional and contemporary music using hand craftedtraditional instruments. Surprisingly, these instruments are madefrom bamboo and clay and yet they produce harmonious sounds. The duostarted performing in 1998 and they have been to most continentsdisplaying their mastery of Centuries old Inca practices and theirskills on traditional musical instruments. They have their ownversion of UnchainedMelody,which is not only beautiful but also one that evokes memories.

UnchainedMelody, asperformed by InkaGold, shows quite a relationship between tonal language and musicalpitch perception skills. From a psychological point of view, musicand language have always been treated differently. Older theoriesabout speech lateralization and music have always reflected thisassumption in that speech functions were thought to be located onthe left while the music functions were located in the right part ofthe brain. Advent of modern brain imaging machines has howeverchallenged this view as it has been found out that music and speechfunctions are interrelated, with several neural modes being involvedin speech and music.

Studyhas shown that native speakers of a particular language in which tonecontributes to the meaning of a word tend to be impaired in thediscrimination of falling pitches as compared to non-speakers of thatlanguage. This, therefore, concludes that native use of tonal pitchcontributes to an enhancement of pitch. Inka Gold performs thismelody with zeal as we as the audience can feel the changes in thetonal pitch as they go about performing using their instruments,therefore, proving the above theory.


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