Transactional or Transformational Leadership

Transactionalor Transformational Leadership

Transactionalor Transformational Leadership

Recently,the hospital where I work as a nurse was faced with a major crisis.There was a major outbreak in our area and we had to work extra hoursto deal with the situation. We did not have adequate staff to ahandle all the problems. The medical supplies were also low and weneeded fresh supplies immediately. The head of the hospital had to dosomething immediately to save the situation. There were many peoplewho had been applying for positions in the hospital but they were yetto be employed. After a crisis meeting, it was immediately decided tohire a number of them without gong through the normal process ofinterviewing.

Whenthe new staff members came on board, we were able to handle thesituation properly. The board of directors later questioned thedecision of hiring the staff without taking them through the usualprocess. Although the procedure was skipped, the lives of many peoplewould have lost if all the interviews were to be conducted. Thedirector saw a need in the situation and had to do something out ofthe ordinary to prevent a crisis. (Jung et al, 2008). The directorknew he was putting his job on the line but chose to go against allexpectations to ensure the epidemic was contained.

Theoutbreakwas of a highly contagious disease. It would have had moreserious consequences if immediate measureswere not taken to ensure itdid not spread to other places. Those who worked tirelessly to ensurethe disease was contained did it not only for the people of the area.Their efforts were not motivated by personal gain but the generalgood of the local populace (Jung et al, 2008).Everyoneactedextraordinarily and achieved great results that saved the areafrom anepidemic that wasthreating to take lives. In the eyes of those whowerecured these were acts of heroism.


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