Topic Should students attend state college without having to pay tuition fees?

Topic:Shouldstudents attend state college without having to pay tuition fees?

SpecificObjective:To persuade the audience see the need for free tuition for statecolleges

ThesisStatement:Equality in education is necessary

  1. Credibility Material: Isn’t disheartening when a student is denied a chance he/she rightfully deserves because of lack of tuition fees? Well, I believe all students are equal,

  2. Tie to the audience: You can be denied a chance to education that cab be a breakthrough for the rest of your life for better when you lack tuition fee

  3. Thesis and Preview: Today I`d like to take the tuition fees in our state colleges. Do you think students should be allowed to attend state colleges without having to pay for their school fees?

[Transitioninto body of speech]: I’ll begin by evaluating the current feessituation in our state collages


  1. Education is a powerful resource critical in the life of each person. With proper education, a person is empowered with the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake various roles and deal with people an interactive and constructive way.

  1. However, education is costly and accessing it is not always easy for many people.

  1. Students from poor background do not get a chance to join collages and study a course of their dream

  2. The few who manage finish while crippled by huge debt

  1. Equality in education is very critical.

    1. Saudi Arabia is offering tuition fee -free education in the state colleges

    2. Germany has also offered tuition fee-free college education

    3. The quality of education is never compromised even after removing tuition fee.

[Transition:I am 100 percent sure that you can see the need for the government toformulate policies that will play a major role in funding thestudents who are unable to pay their tuition fee. But I know you areasking how this will be possible especially since some big stateslike US have are unable to give free tuition education, but thesmaller countries like Saudi Arabia and Germany are. Well, I need tolet you know)

  1. This is how the government should come in.

  1. Formulate policies on tuition fees which should be executed by the ministry for higher education

  2. Offer scholarships, grants and loans to needy students

  3. Subsidize tuition fees to standardized levels&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

[Transition:As you can see, this is not very difficult to handle. Now, let’slook at what will happen when students are able to access tuitionwithout being harassed to pay for the services)

  1. Benefits to the student.

  1. Accessibility to tuition fee does not compromise the quality of education offered. This implies that the student will be able to attend classes together with the students whose parents are wealthy, hence their potential to get good job will be equal

  2. The student will not be crippled by debts while clearing the college. This means that the student will be having an opportunity to establish him/herself without much pressure.


  1. Brake light/Transition: as you can see, students should be allowed to attend state college without having to pay for their tuition fee

  2. Summary: I have expressed my concern about the need for equality in state colleges. We have seen that it does not necessary mean that when education offered in not paid the quality of the knowledge offered is substandard. By granting the students an opportunity to study, the government shows its impartiality in promoting equality through hard work rather than financial capability.

  3. Tie Back to the Audience: You can be denied a chance to education that cab be a breakthrough for the rest of your life for better when you lack tuition fee

  4. Concluding Remarks: I will leave you with this remarks, free higher education is necessary and it is even more effective when the country involved utilizes most hardworking and dedicated talent as opposed to the most financially fortunate. &quot Please, let`s mobilize our government and board of higher education to support the students in our state colleges through offering scholarships, grants and funding for needy student. Education is a vehicle, equality is the driver&quot.


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