Things that Significantly Motivates me in my Life

Thingsthat Significantly Motivates me in my Life



Thispaper attempts to explore a number of things that motivates theauthor in life. It is literally divided into two sections. The firstsection attempts to conceptualize the idea of self-motivation. Itestablishes general insights on the concept self-motivation. Itbrings to light the fact that self-motivation is quite a complex ideathat necessitates individuals to conceptualize and develop in thecourse of their lives (Wilson &amp Dunn, 2004). Furthermore, ithighlights the significance of developing and practicingself-motivation in life.

Thesecond section constitutes the three particular things that motivatethe author in life. To begin, the writer explains how his visionboard motivates his activities and engagements in the course of life.Setting, development and commitment to individual goal form thebackbone of the discussion on that motivation. In addition, thewriter explains the idea of perception of the current reality.Furthermore, the importance of seeing the current reality clearly isalso covered under the explanation.

Finally,the author concludes with a highlight of how personal narrativesoffer a source of motivation. In particular, the kind of choices madeand their role in the motivation of the writer are also explained.Therefore, articulation of individual goal, clear perception of thecurrent reality coupled with making better choices forms the backboneof the writer’s motivation.

Thingsthat Significantly Motivates me in my Life

Theconcept of self-motivation is complex idea. It is a life skill thatpushes an individual to attain his goals, improve the general qualityof life and experience self-actualization. Self-motivated peopleoften tend to be well organized, time managers, and confident (Wilson&amp Dunn, 2004). Therefore, conceptualizing and growing one’sself-motivation can empower people take control of their life aspects(Wilson &amp Dunn, 2004). My motivation is anchored on and visionboard, perception of current realities, and narratives.

First,my vision propels a bigger part of my life. I consider my personalgoal very important in my efforts to change my life for the best.Literally, I not only consciously but also unconsciously assimilatedmy vision to the extent that my behavior is anchored on it.Furthermore, every single day, I dedicate significant efforts towardsachieving the goal. I do not feel compelled concentrating on the goalbut a sense of deliberate patience keeps on scaling my motivation.

Second,a clear perception of current reality acts a significant motivationin life. Every day in life myriad occurrences happen in ourenvironment. Opportunities for success as well as threats toindividual attempts to personal development are inevitable phenomena(Wilson &amp Dunn, 2004). However, a clear understanding ofcontextual opportunities and setbacks serves as a significant sourceof my motivation.

Finally,the kind of choices I make with respect to personal narratives alsogenerates my motivation. Generally, articulating my goals and seeingcurrent reality clearly lays the foundation of my choices.Henceforth, every single thing I make my mind to pursue reflects onthese pillars. Consequently, a plethora of commitment is dedicatedtowards creating the particular results I envisage.


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