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Theologyis the study of religious belief and the nature of God. Everyreligion has its own set of beliefs and some religions are similarwhile others are just different in their own way. In this essay, theauthor will delve into the meaning of two terms used in theology,there terms are: Christology and Soteriology. The author will discussthe two terms as used in theology. The author will embark onChristology and later discuss what Soteriology is all about.

Christologyaddresses the question of who Jesus Christ was and what his works onearth were. The field seeks to answer the question of the existenceof Jesus Christ since he was mentioned towards the end of the OldTestament(McGrath,2010).Christology states that Jesus was in existence even before thebeginning of the world and his existence in both human and divineform describes the nature of God. Jesus Christ was introduced in theNew Testament though his arrival on earth had been prophesied over700 years ago through prophet Isaiah. His resurrection shows that heis God and that he conquered the grave. In addition, it cements hisnature that he is the son of God and that nothing is impossiblethrough him as he is the hope of the entire world (Guthrie,1994).

Onthe other hand, Soteriology is the study of salvation in religiousdoctrines. In the world today, there are many religions and eachreligion seems to have their own savior. Each religion around theworld has their version of salvation and how it was acquired or canbe acquired for that matter. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is theepitome of salvation. Jesus Christ was the only man or supernaturalbeing that could save men. This is because he was pure, innocent andhad no blemish (Evans,1992).

Unlikeother religions, Christianity is the only religion that documents thestory of a God who became their savior, a savior who left all hismajesty as a King and humbled himself to walk on the face of theearth in order to deliver man from the slavery of sin. Jesus Christdescended to earth in human form and lived a normal human life for 33years of his life until facing his demise. It is surprising that theson of man would humble himself for a just cause as he would not onlybe beaten but would be tortured and crucified on the cross. A man whohad no sin would take the sins of the world upon him. Just like theprophesy had predicted the savior died for three days and came backto life thereafter. This selfless act and display of humility wasenough to show God’s love to humanity. The shedding of the savior’sblood was the covenant that sealed the journey to salvation. Blood isalways used a symbol of an agreement or a covenant in Christianity.Christians receive salvation by believing that Jesus Christ the sonof God suffered and died on Calvary for the sin of men. Those who donot accept or believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ shall faceeternal wrath from God. Salvation is free and all that is required ofa person is to say a little prayer confessing that Jesus Christ isLord. In addition, Christians have to believe in Jesus Christ andwalk according to his teachings.


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