The U.S and Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal

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TheU.S and Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal

Therecent visit by Israel Prime Minister to the U.S has sparked somecontroversies and raised eyebrows over the Iranian nuclear weaponsprogram. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the U.Sand made a speech on the floor of the house of congress drawing sharpcriticism and support from members both sides of the divide. Formermajority leader Nancy Pelosi was especially outraged by the PrimeMinister’s remarks by stating that his statements undermined theefforts and the capabilities of President Obama’s administration.The Iranian nuclear weapons deal with the U.S has raised eyebrows insocial circles around the country as the deal has an equal measure ofsupporters and refuters. In this essay the author will address theissue of the Iranian nuclear weapons deal with the U.S and what itmeans for both countries as far security is concerned.

Thenews of the new deal between the U.S and Iran over it nuclear weaponsprogram comes a shock and elicited mixed reactions from the bothcountries. The news was received in jubilation in Iran and though thedetails of the deal remain scanty it seems like Iran got the betterend of the deal. According to some supporters of deal, this was thebest solution for both countries. There negotiations between the twocountries had stalled and there were rumors of an imminent warlooming between the U.S and Iran. However, the news seems to havediverted a looming war between the two countries. This is especiallygood news for the U.S which is not in good shape to engage in war.The U.S has used a lot of resources in the war against terror and ithas consequently lost a lot of innocent lives during the war.

Thedeal between the U.S and Iran comes right at the time when the U.Seconomy is slowly picking itself up from one of its worst recessionsin its history. Therefore, the need to avoid a war should beubiquitous if the county seeks to realize its full economicpotential. The U.S economy has been on the rise in the last couple ofmonths after the country recorded a 5.5% unemployment rate. Aphenomenon experienced when Bill Clinton was the President of theUnited States. Avoiding the war would therefore encourage economicgrowth in both countries.

Thesaddest thing about the Iran nuclear weapons program is that theIranian government has nuclear facilities all over the country. TheIranian nuclear facilities are not just located in one geographicallocation but there are evenly distributed across the country. This,coupled with the fact Iranian terrain is difficult to maneuver wouldmake the war between the U.S and Iran difficult. In addition, thestrategic positioning of the nuclear facilities might lead tocollateral damage since the facilities are near populated areas.

Onthe other hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his supports feel thatthe nuclear program in Iran is not only a serious threat to Israel tothe entire world. The Prime Minister admitted that the Iranians haveover 20,000 centrifuges of nuclear reactors in the country andmentioned that 5,000 is more than enough. The Prime Minister andsupporters are of the opinion that the nuclear weapons deal betweenthe two countries will only accelerate the Iranian nuclear program asopposed to halting it. Therefore, military action against Iran is theonly option. However, waging a war against Iran would not guaranteeany victory. Just like President Obama has uttered negotiationsshould be exhaustively conducted before embracing other options. TheU.S cannot afford to get into another war especially at time when theeconomy is recovering.

Inconclusion, the news of the nuclear weapons deal between the U.S andIran came as a surprise. The two countries will definitely enjoy thebenefits of the eluding a looming war. None of the two countrieswould like to be at war. The U.S is the major beneficiary of thenegotiations since it has averted a possible war can concentrate onbuilding its economy and can avoid the massive loss of lives in Iranif the nuclear reactors go off. At the end of the day, the argumentthat leads to the greatest happiness takes the day.