The reasons United States Grew into Such a Powerful and Industrialized


Thereasons United States Grew into Such a Powerful and IndustrializedPower

TheUnited States have been transformed by industrialization to emergethe world’s most powerful economy. Factors that influenced thisindustrial and economic include economic power, advanced technology,powerful military power.

First,increase in international trade and free trade lead to increasedindustrialization. The country increased it openness to internationaltrade. As a result, free trade with other countries lead tointernational spillovers, which in turn fostered faster growth andinnovation. In addition, good international relations with othernation improved trade and foreign investment

Second,advanced technology enhanced new production methods where newmachines increased production. As a result, this enhanced massproduction where large firms began employing thousands of people towork on their farms. The textile industry was mechanized and thislead to increased production. In addition, the country developed avariety of new products such as machines, cars that were sold toother countries. Furthermore, advances in communication also playeda role in boosting the economy as railways replaced the old systemsof communications mail-delivery. Significant transformation in thetransportation industry played a huge role in the industrialrevolution. Other developments such as telegraph improvedcommunication, and became significant for smooth running of thebusinesses.

Third,the Unites States have the most powerful military power to defend itssignificant interests in case of threats. Overall, the military inthis nation is adequate to meet the demands of warfare.


Anumber of factors played a significant role in America’s industrialrevolution. Industrialization truly transformed the society andAmericas economy to the better. Urbanization also played a role inindustrial revolution as people migrated to urban towns to look forjobs and improve their lives.