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San Francisco State University

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The manager,

Delegat Shanghai Trading Limited.

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Dear sir/madam,


I am writing this letter to applyfor the job of the Business Developer Manager, as advertised in 4thAugust 2015`s courant. This is an ideal job for me given myenthusiasm for business management, my related experience andqualifications.

Managing and developing of businesshas always been crucial to me, which is why I chose to take a degreein International business. I am expected to graduate from SanFrancisco State University. I would need to contribute to theconstant expansion of your company, which will also help me in expandin my career. I am a self-motivated and dynamic person who believesin high performance. Therefore, I would like to join your highperforming team as Business Developer Manager. As stated in theadvertisement, my role will be responsible for developing andinspiring the wholesalers, sub-distributors and key customers todrive business and sales growth within the designated markets.

As indicated in my CV, I have takenopportunity to gain extra qualifications that were on offer in theuniversity. This has made me get part time work as the businessinstructor in a small company in the city. I have also beenchairperson of a business club in the university since last year.

I am currently waiting to graduate,and I am keen to find a job in your company. I am ready to start thejob as soon as you will want me to. I look forward to hearing fromyou.

Yours sincerely,