The Motorcycle Diaries and Revolution


TheMotorcycle Diaries&nbspand Revolution

TheMotorcycle Diaries&nbspand Revolution

Thefilm The Motorcycle Diaries&nbsppresentsan excellent illustration of the circumstances that led to thedevelopments in Latin America during the mid twentieth century.Through the observation of the life of the Marxist Ernesto&quotChe&quot Guevara, theaudiences able to reflect on the real situations that forced theLatin countries to radicalize into a revolution. According to….,the political revolutions in the Latin America were caused by thepeasantry life that the leaders of the time had inflicted on thepeople. The same situation is vindicated by the film that features anexperience by the two young men. What they witnessed from theirmotorcycle journey across the Latin America changed their lives torevolution.

Acentral presentation of the film is the gradual development of arevolution in the perspective of Guevara and his friend AlbertoGranado. The two revolutionistsexperience the real situation that people were living in all aroundthe Latin America. According to Guevara (2002 p347), he met masses ofpeople who were in peasant situations during his expedition. It isthe desperate situations of poverty that sparked the revolutions inLatin. It was easier for the peasant people to connect with the hardlife and desire for a better and equitable society through aresolution.

Thefilm presents the real reasons for the development of the LatinAmerican revolutions. These revolutions were unique in terms of theirorganization and the spontaneous nature of their occurrence. The filminspires the understanding of the development of a revolution. In theperspective of the people who are not oppressed, a revolution iscomplex, but it is an easy spark from the perspective f theoppressed. According to Crompton (2009p81), the perspective of Guevara changedto the extent of admiring the communist leaders like Stalin. Thisshows the personal conviction that there is need for change thatinspires the society to transform a nation through a revolution.

Thefilm shows why the political revolutions in the Latin America wereresilient and successful. The film addresses the peasantry life thatchanged the perspectives of the two young men. Therefore, the fightfor equality was informed of the conditions of the people. Accordingto Guevara (2002 p76), a peasant will be much more resistant toopposition than a person from the city. The two people could befighting for the same cause but the peasant is more resilient tofight because he or she knows the stakes are high. Guevara (2002 p77)further argues that a peasant is the best soldier despite theinclusion of the rest of the population. This assertion is explainedby the conditions that Guevara and Granado experienced during theirexpedition around the Latin America.

Theflm assumes that the experiences of Guevara and Granado in the filmwill reveal the economic and political factors that led to therevolutions and political developments in Latin American. Thedevelopment of the revolutionist ideology by the two during theexpedition across the Latin America reflects the origins of therevolution across the land. at the same time, the revolutions in theLatin America developed because of the peasantry circumstances thatLatin Americans experienced during the mid twentieth century. Thismakes the film a reflection of the political developments in theregion as it sought stable and equitable political systems.


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