The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina`s Uninsured Population

TheImpact of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s UninsuredPopulation

TheImpact of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s UninsuredPopulation

Despitethe fact that there is often political pressure to come up withprograms that increase access to services, these programs, in mostcases are unfunded directives. The issue of expansion of insurancecoverage is directly linked to health care costs, and controllingthese costs presents a tremendous challenge. Such challenges are wellexpressed in the case study concerning “TheImpact of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s UninsuredPopulation’. This paper looks at the impact of the Affordable Careact on the population that it affected, the impact of the moneymatters of providing care to patients from the organization’s pointof view, the manner in which patients will be affected inrelationship to cost of treatment, quality of treatment, and accessto treatment, and finally, the ethical implications of this act forboth the organization and the patients.

Itis worth noting that, in North Carolina, there are 1.6 millionpeoples who are not insured. In June 2012, the Supreme Court ruledthat the Medicaid expansion plan should be optional for states. As aresult, in December 2013, North Carolina decided not to implement theplan of expansion. This has impacted many people in North Carolina bybecoming uninsured, especially the adults who were eligible forMedicaid.

TheAffordable Care Act (ACA) has both negative as well as positiveimpacts on the population that is affected. However, I think thepositive impacts on the population affected outweigh the negativeimpacts. As noted by Wahowiak(2014),for adults whose income is no greater than 138% of the federalpoverty level, they will qualify for Medicaid. This comprise offamilies of four that had an income of $ 30,429 in 2010. Furthermore,there are those states that will allow individuals with greaterincomes to enroll. This implies that more people are going to benefitfrom this Act (ACA). Affordable Care Act in collaboration with CHIP,Medicaid as well as Health Insurance Exchanges will synchronize so asto simplify the enrollment [CITATION Uni11 l 1033 ].Asnoted by Wahowiak(2014),this will benefit the population, especially those people who aremore vulnerable like the childless adults, working parents, childrenand the nonworking adults. Nevertheless, those immigrants that arenot documented as well as those that have been in the United Statesfor less than five years will not benefit from the planned expansionof Medicaid [ CITATION Ame09 l 1033 ]. Theelderly as well as the disabled will not be eligible for thisexpansion. This is a very negative impact on such like people (Pera,2011).

IfNorth Carolina government does not have funds to cover the program ofAffordable Care Act (ACA), or North Carolina’s Choice program, thenthe organizations will suffer not only a financial blow, but lack ofproper equipment to cater for patients who are in need (Wahowiak,2014).This program is not an entitlement program, so the economics ofindividual providers as well as organizations such as hospitals willgo bankrupt [ CITATION Por11 l 1033 ].In case the government will by any chance run short of revenue (lessamount of tax is collected during a deflation) to fund this program,then it will be forced to find other sources of funds or revenue soas not to cut back on this program. It is worth noting that,governments have a wide access to credit compared to institutions orindividuals. Conversely, if the government fails completely to fundthis program, then the beneficiaries and the organizations areentitled to sue. On the other hand, there can be premiums that arepaid by beneficiaries[ CITATION Uni11 l 1033 ].This will help the economics of the organization.

Inrelation to cost of treatment, quality of treatment as well as accessto treatment, patients will be more adversely affected by thisprogram. Section 117 of the Social Security Act affects theimprovement of Medicaid enrollment (Pera,2011).This means that in some states, those patients whose income is higherthan 138% of the federal poverty level will not be eligible for thisprogram. That means they need to find other means of funding theirmedical care cover[ CITATION Ame09 l 1033 ].On the other hand, patients with an income of nogreater than 138% of the federal poverty level will greatly benefitfrom this Act since the cost of treatment will be more affordable forthem. The quality of treatment will somehow be affected in a negativeway to patients since there will be too many people eligible for thisprogram. The access to treatment, according to Affordable Care Act(ACA), is eligible to all who are enrolled. It will be easier forpatients to access treatment since enrollment will be simplified aswell as coordinated between Medicaid, CHIP and the new HealthInsurance Exchanges[ CITATION Por11 l 1033 ].Access of treatment will be positively affected also since the statesare supposed to have an outreach conduct so as to reach more people,especially the vulnerable ones[ CITATION Uni11 l 1033 ].

However,this Act comes with moral as well as ethical implication to both theorganization and the patients. For the organization,they have a moralimplication of treating the patients that are eligible under thisact, whether they have funds or not. The moral implication forpatients is to ensure that they enroll with the program so as toqualify for treatment.


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