The Divine Law of Compensation Book Report

TheDivine Law of Compensation: Book Report


TheDivine Law of Compensation: Book report

Thebook report, analyses the bookTheDivine Law of Compensationwrittenby Marianne Williamson in 2014. The book is highly resourceful inthese hard economic times thus, its importance in the analysis.Williamson has based her book on a true story to explain to herreaders how God’s love is of great importance in this challengingworld in terms of money and finances. According to Williamson,finance is just one of the many areas where an increasingly archaic,materially based worldview is proving to be insufficient to thedifficulties of the times we live in. Throughout the book, Williamsonis able to describe the unconditional God’s love and how it able totriumph over all worldly possessions.

Themain theme, which clearly comes out from this book, is God’s loveand power of forgiveness in our today’s difficult economic times.Williamson narrates her own experience of losing $10, 000 due to poorplanning and the way her dad’s consolation enabled her to forgiveherself and turn her misfortune into a miracle. Williamson mainobjective of writing this book is to encourage people to find courageand compensation from God’s love when facing hard and challengingfinancial situations. It is easy to pick out the theme of God’slove and power of forgiveness from this book since the author hasconcentrated on work, money and miracles. Williamson insists that fora person to receive a financial miracle, i.e. compensation, one hasto believe and embrace self-forgiveness.

Theissues, which Williamson has addressed in this book, are allhappening in our current world full of financial crises such asuncertainties in investments, losses incurred in businesses amongothers. The issues presented in this book are happening all over theworld and will continue happening since people are living in a domainwhere everything revolves around money and worldly possessions.

Williamsonis not preaching to her audience from the top of the mountaintop. Sheuses herself as the main character by explaining her own financialstruggles. In “Divine Compensation” Williamson narrates a storyof how she lost $10,000 when she was starting her speaking professiondue to poor event planning. However, to her, this experience becamean opportunity since she learned various lessons from it. After theexperience, Williamson chooses to forgive herself in order to attracta miracle or in other words, divine compensation. The fact thatWilliamson is being open to her own shortcomings gives the reader asense of getting consolation from a friend, rather than beinglectured by a spiritual person who knows it all.

Ina book mainly talking about work and money the reader least expectedto read about the value of forgiveness. According to Williamson, aforgiving spirit is necessary for attracting our own good. Williamsonargues that the universe knows when a person is hurt and is alreadyon the case to make right whatever wrong occurred. She writes, “Yourfrustration, if it stays, throws a wrench in the machine of themiraculous universe.” According to Williamson, no divergence fromlove is enough to push away the universe from its divine intentionthat a person’s life should be full of joy. Williamson’s book istrying to encourage people not to despair and give up in a difficultsituation since God’s love is always there to give us comfort andfulfillment.

Thisbook is not just a source of encouragement but also a source ofknowledge on how to handle difficult financial situations. Afterreading this book, one cannot fail to love it since it teaches us onhow to turn our daily financial challenges into opportunities throughself-forgiveness. As one reads this book, he/she experiencesdifferent feelings, sometimes desperation especially where sheexplains challenging financial situations and in other scenarios,about encouragement and comfort through God’s love and forgivenessin such difficult times. I would recommend this book to anyone whowants to learn how God’s love and forgiveness are related to workand money. In our everyday lives, we experience various financialchallenges. This book is therefore of great insight and a source ofencouragement to very many people going through such hard economicsituations in their work life. Williamson is an author to so manybooks that I have read including “Return of Love”. The uniquewriting style of this author is that she integrates herself with heraudience by using her own personal experiences to teach people. Afterreading this book, one is able to learn various new things such asthe value of forgiveness and God’ love in overcoming challengingfinancial situations.

Thisbook is among the best books that Williamson has written. It is abook, which does not only enlighten us on issues related to work andmoney but also teaches us on how to embrace forgiveness and God’slove to overcome such situations. This is a book, which is of greatsignificance in today’s world in which people are bound to facefinancial challenges in almost every day of our work life.


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