The culture an individual is brought up is a key in dictating the

Theculture an individual is brought up is a key in dictating thelifestyle the individual lives. The Chinese people hold their culturedear to them and ensure that they live by what is stipulated by theculture. As a cultural being, I find live easier and more enjoyableliving by the culture I have been brought up with. The interviewprocess with the Chinese citizen helped me realize that despite thatthey do not agree with some policies stipulated by the government,they have no obligation to live by them. Different Chinese peoplefrom different regions seem to have different cultures and thus livein conflicts in most areas of their lives. It is important to teachculture so that different people from different cultural backgroundscan understand the differences in the cultures and thus appreciateeach other. Through learning of culture, people can be in a betterposition to interact with other people. People in new societies arein a position to understand the society and thus behave as per theexpectations of their culture. Teaching culture also ensures a betterunderstanding and thus continuity of the culture from one generationto the next.


Ittook as about 2 months to collect the data. The data collectionperiod involved four one-on-one interviews with the respondent thatlasted for 7 hours, 1 hour three face-time interviews, as well as aninvitation to my house. During the invitation to the house I cookeddinner while at the same time tried to connect the previouslyidentified and discussed issues to real life situations. Both therespondent and I are non-native speakers of English hence, Englishwas the sole means of communication