The Best 20 Cities in Florida

TheBest 20 Cities in Florida

TheBest 20 Cities in Florida

Theranking of the cities depended on five major variables being, crimerates, the cost of living, social amenities, employment rate andhousing. These five variables played a significant role indetermining the livability of a city and most importantly, theimportance of choosing particular cities and not others. Forinstance, Wallace FL scored highly on all the five variables meaningit had the best environment for anyone interested in the city(, 2015). Therefore, Wallace was not only a great cityto live in but had a reasonable cost of living, safe, it had anexcellent learning environment for students, it had better employmentscores and the amenities were commendable. However, the weather wasnot such a big consideration because it was not as crucial as thefive variables mentioned.

Thebest five cities were Wallace, Niceville, Matlacha Isles – MatlachaShores, Pretty Bayou and Port Orange. They ranked the highest in allthe five variables with the primary determining factor being the costof living. The other cities had low scores on the cost of livingmeaning not so many people would afford to live there making all theother factors not as important regardless of their impressive scores.Therefore, the worst five cities were, Temple Terrace, WinterSprings, Woodlawn Beach, Altamonte Springs, and Miramar Beach. Thecities either had low scores on crime, cost of living or socialamenities making it necessary to scrutinize their viability forlivability.

Aproxy variable can be defined as a variable that is difficult tomeasure the importance of understanding the intended variable hence.For instance, if the primary research was on living standards thenfiltering the results using the costs of living was the best approachfor the study. In addition, if the primary research was in a safeneighborhood then scores on crime was the best guideline for theintended variable. Therefore, all proxy variables used in the classwere quite clear especially when it came to finding out the mostappropriate definition for a proxy variable.

Themain point for choosing the “Best place to live” was to refineranking skills based on class lessons and more so, being able to putthe skills into practice. For instance, the ideal list placed on thewebsite does not match the list compiled because once it became clearon what to scrutinize and what to leave out, the ranking almost cameautomatically.

Whenit came to Transparency International, it used various aspects torank countries according to their corruption levels. TransparencyInternational ranked its countries based on the level corruptionperceived in their public sectors, on a scale of 0-100. Corruptionranking depended on levels of bribery, backdoor deals and otherfactors that deplete a country`s population of its rightfulresources. The Global Gender Gap report used various variables toidentify the Gender gap in countries including health and survival,educational achievement, economic involvement and opportunity. Allthese variables were on 0-100 scale score.

Bothsystems used valid methodologies considering the kind of scalesrequired to determine a particular ranking. The global gender gapused some of essential factors that have widened the gap betweengenders including economic and political participation. The rate ofeconomic and political participation did provide substantial groundsto determine the gender gaps. On the other hand, the transparencyinternational did provide precise scales for measuring a country’stransparency considering the word “perceived levels of corruption”and not evident levels of corruption.

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