Ted Talk Question 1



Question1 The date of the presentation was August 25th,2009 the location of the presentation was at the University ofChicago and the name of the speaker was Dan Pink.Question 2 According to personal opinion, the speaker’s content iswell organized. This is because there is a clear introduction beforeintroducing the body. For instance, before entering into the body ofthe speech, he introduces the audience into the traditional conceptof motivation and later introduces the modern theory of motivation.In the body, he brings out to the audience what he thinks shouldentail the modern theory of motivation and qualifies it. On the otherhand, he has conclusion remarks why he thinks businesses should applythe modern theory of motivation. Alternatively, the speaker has usedtransitions appropriately since throughout his speech he has usedseveral, where required. For example, at the beginning of his speech,he indicates that “social scientists know but most managers donot”. This makes the speech well organized.Question 3 I have an opinion that the speaker’s arguments and use ofsupport materials or evidence is an indication of thoroughpreparation for the presentation. For example, the speaker indicatesthat his theory of motivation has been depicted to work in differentorganizations such as Atlassian. The provision of such supportiveevidence is a clear indication that the speaker has done enoughresearch prior to making his presentation. This makes his argumentssomehow consistent with the real world application. The speaker’sarguments are relatively strong because he seems to focus more on oneaspect autonomy, despite him talking of three aspects of his theory(autonomy, mastery, and purpose) as being key tomotivation.Question 4 One of the majorarguments presented by the speaker involves the notion that rewardsmay be effective for some tasks, while they may mitigate creativityad stifle performance, when there are tasks that demand conceptualthinking. In this case, the speaker gives an example of an experimentinvolving the candle problem, where two groups were involved oneoffered monetary incentives while the other was not. The resultsindicated that the group that was not given incentives completed theexercise approximately three and a half minutes later compared to theincentivized group. The support materials seem to be appropriate andof quality since they tend to support his perspectives.Question5

Thespeaker’s delivery method involves extemporaneous presentation. Ithink the delivery method is suitable for the occasion because it isnot possible to memorize all the things that he would present inspeaking about his theory. On the other hand, reading as a deliverymethod may not fit well with the occasion because the speaker may notdeliver the subject matter in an effective manner. The speaker useslanguage well this can be justified by how well he uses differentparts of language. For example, he uses rhetoric language in hispresentation.Question 6

Ithink the speaker has an effective delivery, making the audience tobe left with some memorable thought. For instance, it is likely thatthe audience is left with the memorable thought concerning the candleproblem that the speaker talks about. On the other hand, I think thematerial goes hand in hand with whatever was learnt in class becausethe speaker’s delivery method was discussed in class, his abilityto act as a speaker matches with what was learnt in class concerningspeakers.Question 7

Anadvice that I would give to the speaker is that he needs to engagemore with the audience. For example, he should ask the audience somequestions and let them try before answering the questions.