Symbols in Marketing


Symbolsin Marketing

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Companiesare using the entrenched way of advertising by employing symbols tocommunicate accurately with their customers. The use of symbols alsohelps these companies to bring a visible difference between theirbrands and those of the competitors. Consumers readily associate asymbol with a product or service and in the process they assign themeaning that is intended by the advertiser. The use of symbols hasbeen further enhanced by the current technological trends in websitedevelopment (Kotler, 2010).


JeepCherokee is a motor vehicle brand that has been for known for agesfor its astonishing strength. It uses a kind of improved way ofadvertising where the advertiser gives a sound of a slamming door ofa vehicle. According to Jeep website, ‘’the slamming is aimed tocommunicate that the car is very safe and quiet when compared to thestandard vehicles’’.

Jeepalso uses photo galleries of vehicles on their website, some of thesevehicles are photographed on very rocky and steep terrain. The casepurpose of these images is to create an impression in the mind of acustomer that Jeep Cherokee is an all-terrain motor vehicle

JeepCherokee through the use of digital media advertising has managed todevelop superb social evidence and also it has brought visibility tothe direct consumers (Kotler, 2010).


PrudentialInsurance is an insurance company based in North America. It uses thesymbol of a rock to communicate its inbuilt strength plus its stateof stability to the clients. The use of a rock is also a symbol thatno matter the season, the company’s status can never change.

PrudentialInsurance also uses an umbrella. Just like an umbrella protects onefrom weather, it can give its protection from unpredictable events inlife. Below the umbrella is a statement reading “Be Safe Always”which is an assurance of safety (Palia, 2014).

Anindividual will consider being insured by a company where they areassured of protection against misfortunes, Prudential Insurancesymbolic advertising has captured all these.

TheU.S Army

Thisarmy used computers in addition to other very sophisticated gadgetsas symbols during its campaign of “Being All You Can”. The use ofthis equipment was aimed to show the modernity that had lately beenemployed in the force.

Lookingat the website of The U.S Army, there is a special jet with hightechnology guns on the wings. The plane is tilted on one side and isseen to be in a war situation. The jet has inscriptions of be “sharpand look sharp” on every wing that emphasizes their undying desireto combat crime with dedication.

Theessence of these symbolic images is aimed to show that The U.S armyis rooted in dedication and teamwork. It is equipped with high-endtechnology to help in serving the nation with the needed equipmentand machines.


Advertisershave the power of facilitating sales when they reconsider the use ofsymbolic representations in order to express the meanings in contextto their consumers (Palia, 2014). When an organization becomes moreconscious of the strength of symbols, they can choose the values ofwhatever they intend to emphasize. Symbols also establish what ideasan advertiser wishes to instill in the mind of a customer. Therefore,the relevance of symbols cannot be under-estimated (Perreault,2014).


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