SWOT Analysis



Descriptionof your New Venture

HomeLandDairy Inc. is a newly established company based in New York City, US.The company deals with a wide array of dairy products includingyoghurt, cream, butter, milk, cheese, milk-based desserts, andfromage frais. Raw milk is obtained from established dairy farms inNew York, processed, and packaged for resale both to commercial andretail clients within two days. The establishment of the company wasbased on the increased demand for dairy products in the region. Thedemand is projected top raise considerably in coming years (Nestle,2013). The projection is linked with increased consumer base, highimportance on nutrition, and amplified incomes (Nestle, 2013).Thecustomer base for HomeLand Dairy is large considering that dairyproducts are consumed by children, young as well as the olderpopulation. In urban areas, most people consume packaged andprocessed dairy products, and this trend is rising. Focused onquality and customer satisfaction, HomeLand Dairy aims at becomingone of the best dairy sellers in the region, and emerge successfullyin the already established market.


TheSWOT analysis highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities andthreats of the company (Kerin, 2012). Conducting this analysis isimportant in that HomeLand Diary will be able to build on and pursueits strengths and opportunities, whilst correcting and averting itsweaknesses and threats (Kotler &amp Keller, 2012).


Continuousavailability of raw milk is one of the key strength. HomeLand Dairyhas established a number of dairy farms in New York, which will besupplying milk on a daily basis. Such approach guarantees continuousproduction of products, which is vital in retaining customers.

HomeLandalso enjoys flexibility of the product mix. It means that the companycan continue adding its product line, in order to differentiateitself in the market. Kotler &amp Keller (2012) puts fort thatdifferentiation is a key aspect for any company.

Lastly,the company has an excellent brand portfolio. This, together with theproduction of quality products will work to benefit HomeLand.


Oneof the probable weaknesses is perishability of milk products.However, this has been addressed partly by pasteurization. Certainly,various novel processes will be implemented to enhance quality andlengthen shelf-life.

Inabilityto control yield is another weakness (Westhueset al, 2001).Certainly, it is not possible to control the yield of milk, and thismay threaten production.


Valueaddition is one key opportunity HomeLand Dairy can take advantage of.It entails developing new products, packaging, as well aspresentation. For instance, the company can add geriatric foods,infant foods, as well as nutritionals. The result is increasedflexibility and wider market presence (Kerin, 2012).

Anotheropportunity is the increasing demand of dairy products in the region.It has been shown that with the rising numbers of consumers,amplified incomes, as well as the need to lay importance onnutrition, most people are more and more turning to the consumptionof dairy produce (Kerin, 2012). This guarantees a constant customerbase for the company.

Brandbuilding is another opportunity, which will give the company a strongbrand base. By building on its brand, HomeLand Dairy will not onlyretain its existing customers, but will also attract new customers.


Themajor threat is competition in the dairy industry both from existingand net entrants. Some of the existing revivals in New York encompassElmhurst Dairy, Inc., Sullivan Food Products Inc., and BartlettDairy, Inc. among others. Dairy products are highly susceptible tocontamination posing threat to the health of individuals. Increase inthe price of raw milk can also pose a threat to product prices.

Explanationof the Analysis

TheSWOT analysis clearly indicates that the strengths and opportunitiessurpass the threats and weaknesses. Studies indicate that havingknowledge of all of these four aspects is important in the growth ofa company (Kotler &amp Keller, 2012). It means that the company canbuild on its strengths, take advantage of the opportunities, correctits weaknesses, and avoid its threats. HomeLand Dairy Inc. has a highprobability of standing out in the market place, if it takes intoconsideration these four aspects. In fact, Kotler &amp Keller (2012)have evidenced that the most successful companies depend on SWOTanalysis to know their current position and where they are going.


Fromthe SWOT analysis, it is certain that HomeLand Dairy Inc. has a highlikelihood of doing well in the market. However, its success in amarket characterized by increased competition depends on how well thestrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are dealt with. Thebusiness venture will go on. In addition, taking into considerationthat for any business investment to succeed, three importantingredients are required is vital. They encompass innovation,entrepreneurship skills, as well as values. In a nutshell, all thesefactors combined, they will work towards establishing a wider marketplace for HomeLand Dairy. They will also contribute towards meetingthe company’s key aim and objective which is becoming one of thebest dairy companies in New York.


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