Sustainability is the Order of The Day

Sustainabilityis the Order of The Day

Sustainabilityis the Order of the Day

Sustainabilityis the order of the day (claim).The environmental damage is already done, and now, human beings needto maintain the environment without compromising the resources of thefuture generations. At the same time, they still need to manage tomeets their daily needs. Therefore, sustainability will depend on thebeliefs human beings can co-exist with the environment, and ensuretheir actions are environmental friendly. According to statistics,(qualifier)more than fifty percent of human beings are ensuring they leave theenvironment better than they found it (data).

Accordingto Solow(2014), environmental sustainability and profitability co-exist(warrant).Today, people are busy with their businesses with the aim to make aprofit. Fortunately, some of them are conscious about theenvironment, and they understand it plays a significant role ineconomic growth in the society. Imagining a world with a destroyedenvironment, then, they would be no need to struggle making lots ofprofits yet, there are no resources to make life better (backingstatement).Today, government and other organisations are working hard to reducethe rate of greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, the government isminimizing emissions from trade and transportation by developingcleaner fuels, renewable, and efficient energies. Besides, it isencouraging research and development, as well as financing theirfuture projects (backingstatement).

Nevertheless,there are those people that are more concerned with economic growthrather than environmental protection (backingstatement).A good example of unsustainable economic development is the BritishPetroleum’s Deepwater Horizon that pours a lot of oil in the oceanhence, polluting it. Due to these unsustainable development in mostpart of the world, more than fifty percent of the world’spopulation lack basic sanitation, while more than one billion peoplecannot access clean water (Solow,2014) (rebuttals).Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to attain a clean environmentunless people change their behaviours towards an environmentallysustainable future.


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