Summary of the Movie `The Secret`

of the Movie `The Secret`

Thedocumentary -The Secret – revolves around the broad description ofthe law of attraction, though in a contradicting manner. In physics,unlike poles attract, but according to the documentary the secret,like attracts like. As the movie revolves around finding happinessand fulfillment in life through making free choices, it highlightsthe quantum uncertainty that the future is more open to free choice.This is in the reasoning that if the cause is already predictable theeffects, the achieved cannot be out of free will. The movie outlinesthe fact that the mind shapes the state of the matter. This is in thesense that as one shapes his or her mind, whether negatively orpositively, as well as the attitude towards something, this actiondetermines the outcome of whichever challenge one is faced with. Themovie supports through the law of attraction that the secret togreatness and success and living a life of fulfillment through freewill.

One’sgreatest desire is very easy to achieve just as it is difficult toforce choices onto people (Byrne and&nbspGoldenfein). The urge tosucceed is inborn and can only be nurtured through positiveassociation with likeminded people. On the contrary, if the desire isnot personalized, to achieve greatness in life, then very littlechance of the same is at work hence the lower the chance of achievingthe effect. The law of attraction works where there is free will tobend with the force of nature, thus an element of freewill ratherthan coercion. The principality upon which the documentary- TheSecret – is built upon real human experiences that proven over andover that with desire and positive thinking, a person can bend theprobabilities to suit his or her own interests. This proves thesynchronism of the theory of attraction as per the movie rather thanthe contradiction as perceived in physics principles.


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