Sturbacks Strategy Abstract




Thequestion of study here is how the strategies that a corporation cancome up with and the implication of those strategies. A strategy is aplan that an organization can come up with so as to achieve itsmaximum goals and objectives. The plan that a company comes up withis very critical in determining the success of that company. This isprecipitated by the fact that in any organization, the resources areusually limited. The company establishes the goals and objectivesthat it should meet in order achieve maximum success. Strategy canalso be viewed as the shaping the future and it is the human attemptto get to the desirable ends with available means. Using this conceptwe are going to focus on the strategies of Starbucks Company. This isan American company that is based on the production of coffee and itis a Seattle. It was founded in 1971 in Washington. The company is apremier roaster, marketer and retailer of the world’s best coffee.The main product that the company produces is roasted and handcrafted high quality coffee that is selling very competitively in themarket in the united states and also globally. He Company uses otherbrands name to market its products of the companies that are foundwithin its portfolio. Apart from the high quality premium pricedcoffee which is the main product of the company, it also deals intea, a variety of fresh foods and other beverages. The company hasnumerous outlets that help in its operations.

StarbuckCompany has a well connection with the clients by providing goodsthat their clients want. The company has developed sites such asMystarbuckidea as a platform forum for their clients to channel theirsuggestions and issues that may be pertinent to the company’ssuccess. They are focused in galvanizing a good network with theirvarious clients. This good relation creates innovative solutions forthe company. Costa Company has well strategies that meet theirclient’s needs. They have carefully chosen food and authenticcoffee drinks and well trained baristas to offer quality services totheir clients. The main objective of the company is to relievepoverty, advance education and also a healthy environment ofcoffee-growing around the world.

Thecompetitiveness in the market has forced this company to developperfect strategies that will increase its brands in the market.Starbuck Company uses its logo “think beyond coffee” as a chainto aggravate the marketing of their products. The company also has awide communication network that extends to create awareness to theirtarget customers about their product. It has invested also heavily ondigital and social media. This grand initiative of using social mediaas a marketing tool has been the most engaging product of marketingstrategies of the company. This close proximity to their clients hasenabled the Company to identify those clients who have interest andengagement to their brand (Theodore,2002).The company is well established in malls, bus street corners and evengrocery store. Their premises have a lot of luring art work thatbrings in customers. Starbuck had a perfect and skilled strategy toattract its customers by creating target age brackets. These, majorlyincluded the young by establishing nice places to relax, the middleaged and also the aged.


Starbuckis committed to give back to the society and also the environment.This will be achieved through establishment of initiatives that willmeet the objectives of the company. It treats the people of thesociety with respect and dignity and offers the world’s bestcoffee. They make investments that benefit those people that growcoffee, producers, their families and communities and also thenatural environment (Koehn,Besharov, &amp Miller, 2008).)The company promotes the conservation of the environment in coffeegrowing areas by initiating programs such that those of recyclingwaste. The company also works towards brings cohesion and integrationamong those people who are living in the same locality by teachingthem about good neighborhood. It creates a working environment bytreating their employees in a good way and considering their welfare.

Starbuckcoffee company has different prices of its products depending on thequality of the products that are being offered. Starbuck has apremium product and it is usually reflected in its pricing. Theseprices have remained constant during both peak and off peak periods.Client relation is well catered for as gifts and special offers areavailable to enhance the customer value. This has been achieved byoffering their clients an opportunity to enjoy lower prices with thequality of product remaining unchanged. The main aim is not to pricetheir products but to offer quality services to their customers.

Challengesfaced by Starbucks

Dueto entry of these firms in the market in UK there was a war of whichCompany was much favored in the market. Starbuck Company had variousadvantages and drawbacks in the market. The company had high qualityproducts that increased their sales gradually .The atmosphere thatwas created by the company was also appealing to their clients andthis built its reputation. Many outlets and well trained and treatedemployees of the Company was also a major boast to their success.However the Company faced a lot of drawbacks during its operations(Tewell,Odom, &amp Snider,2006).The price of its products was high, the quality of their coffee wasnot as reputable as the name of the Company and their product wasunhealthy. This gave its competitors an upper hand in dominating themarket.

StarbuckCompany which is an America based coffee company has remained one ofthe most competitive companies in the USA market and also the globalmarket. The competitiveness in the market due to emerging companiesthat offer the same services, has resulted to the company coming upwith key strategies that will ensure that it still remains dominantin the market (Tewell et al., 2006).

Thecompany is much focused on building the reputation of the firmthrough its brands name. Majority of people opts for Starbuck’sproducts because of the reputable image that the company has createdin them. The pricing of the products of the company makes it easierfor all the classes of people to enjoy the services. The company alsorelates well with the society by establishing initiatives that aregeared towards developing the society such as environmentalconservation. The company faced some challenges in its operations butstill remained dominant in the market with high rate of stock turnover.


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