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Peer interviews

Generalconcept- Conflict resolution

Researchquestion- What roles do different members of the society have to playin conflict resolution?

The interview questions wereintended to generate evidence for the research question by focusingon the different experiences of the participants and inquiring abouttheir thoughts on the subject under analysis. The questions sought togather the different definitions of conflict resolution as given byeach of the participants. Additionally, the questions explored theparticipants past involvement in conflict resolution and the rolethey played in the whole processes. Building from the pastexperiences of the participants and their thoughts about conflictresolution, the study will then discuss the specific roles thatmembers of the society have to play in conflict resolution and howthey can contribute to prevention of conflict with other members ofthe society.

In my role as an interviewer,some of the tasks I had to carry out include locating and enlistingthe participants, observing the quality of the responses, motivatingthe respondents as well as clarifying confusions and concerns raisedby the participants. A numbers of factors were taken intoconsideration about the context of the interview. One of thesefactors was the willingness of the participants to take part in theinterview. I enlisted only those participants who were ready andwilling to take part in the study. Apart from that, the environmentin which the interview was conducted was also taken intoconsideration. A quite spot, free from noise and other interruptivefactors was selected. Another factor about the interview’s contextthat was taken into consideration was the length of the interview. Toensure that the participants don’t get tired about the wholeprocess, I used only five questions. It was quite difficult to find aquite spot to conduct the interview. Additionally, I was able toclarify all the concerns raised by the participants.

When conducting an interview,it is always important for the researcher to take into considerationthe factors that may affect the whole process of obtaining aconfession or admission. For the interview conducted, I identifiedthese factors by placing myself in the role the individuals selectedfor the interview. It is also important for the any researcher torecognize that participants in an interview might have specific orgeneralized fears about the whole process. By placing themselves inthe role of the participants, researchers might identified differentforms of fear include those related to their reputation, fear oflegal action as well as fear of retaliation.

The interview strategy wasused a couple of times to continue the research and get a betterinsight into the answers given by the report. Additional questionswere asked when the participants gave general responses. Responsesthat were not related to the questions asked required moreclarification, which I was able to attain by restructuring thequestions to make them simpler for the respondents to understand. Ialso utilized the interview strategy to get a deeper insight into theresponses that the participants gave. Additionally, the interviewstrategy was utilized to continue the process when I required moreinformation related to other studies or which could be used as abasis of other studies to be conducted in future. Apartfrom making it possible for the researcher to utilize social cues,semi-structured interviews make it possible for time wastage betweenthe asking of a question to the answering of the question to bereduced. They also make it possible for the researcher to record thewhole process on tape after which the transcripts of the tapes can beobtained for analysis.

The structuring andpresentation of the questions worked well. Not only was I able toavoid ambiguity, but the respondents were also able to give answerswith ease. However, it was impossible to avoid noise and otherdistractions during the interview process. Prior planning in futurewould be necessary in order to identify a quiet and sereneenvironment where an interview can be conducted without anydisturbance.