Student`s Name Outline


  1. Definition of affirmative action

  2. Disagree with the affirmative action

  1. Rise of new minority

  1. White male

  2. Has not ended discrimination

  1. Assist others

  1. Wrong identity as victims of racism

  2. Only to defect education system

  1. Acquisition of wrong diversity by the Black Americans and women

  1. To fit only to diversity matrix

  2. Schools to look for those with unusual experience

  1. False identities

  1. Wrong groups e.g Democtrats

  2. Used to lure white youths to win their vote

  1. Education system in America is flawed, but affirmative action cannot solve it

  1. Looks like other connections

  2. It’s racism against whites

  3. Solve preference by personal disadvantage

  1. Affirmative action causes race hatreds and tensions

  1. Fighting because of limited spaces

  2. Inequality in society

  1. Employment of unqualified graduates

  1. The competent is not considered

  2. America’s economy

  1. Conclusion

  • Summarize arguments recommend

AgainstThe Affirmative Action

An affirmative action is defined as the deliberate action forimprovement of the employment and education of members of our societywho are mainly of minority groups, women or the disadvantaged groups.The originators of affirmative action are in spotlight since thiseffort has heightened discrimination, racism, sexism and injusticesystem. I agree with David Sacks &amp Peter Thiel on ‘The CaseAgainst Affirmative Action’.

Affirmative action has succeeded in depicting the minorities asunqualified and employed and bringing about a new minority, that is awhite male. Stanford has not realized that it is not trying to end discrimination, but starting another minority.

Affirmative action was supposed to assist the minorities on thesociety, but it looks as though it is aiding the middle and upperclasses. Instead of assisting the minorities. Affirmative action hasgiven the disadvantaged a false identities, labelling them as haplessvictims of racism. This action is actually reverse racism, cannotwork, and defected the education system of America’s schools.

One reason why affirmative action does not support minorities is thatit has declined their achievements, acquire wrong diversity andenable them live in assumptions. David Sacks and Peter Thielillustrated that this action will lead to many questions aboutadmission since one may think a student is enrolled just to fit intoa kind of diversity matrix. It has been said that minorities addscertain perspectives to this diversity. This implies that theminorities think a unique way than others. Therefore, schools arelooking for interesting ideas in classes or different means of doingtasks. Stanford and other schools supporting affirmative action, thusshould look for students with unusual experience to broaden thestudent diversity instead of disrespecting the disadvantage.

Affirmative action is providing the disadvantaged groups with falseidentities. As stated above that affirmative action helps the upperand middle classes, it actually, the affirmative action in the endassists the wrong groups. This effort is thus ironical andineffective by considering with the admission of lower class andracial minorities. As an affirmative action continues to victimizethe minorities, the whites are the one’s benefiting from it.Currently, in America, the Democratic Party is benefiting by luringthe white youths, who are desperate to escape from racismstigmatization. The democrats are trying to deceive youths to believethat America is past racism hence winning their votes. Thus,affirmative action is used as a tool for winning elections.

The education system in America is flawed and admitting studentsbecause of money or any connection is not different from admittingstudents as a result of the race. In this case, admitting studentsbased on affirmative action is like racism against the whites justlike the whites are involving themselves with their own type ofracism. According to Sacks and Thiel, affirmative action cannot solvethe problems related to disadvantaged. If the preference was to solvethe disadvantaged minority, then preference should have been based onthe disadvantage but not on the racism. This means that affirmativeaction cannot solve the demerits of race as it is alleged since itdoes not work, hence the only remedy is to remove the concept of raceand the preference based on the personal disadvantage.

Apart from causing racism and segregation, affirmative action alsocauses hatred and tension among students based on race. The Americanswill not like the minorities because the minorities they are takingtheir college opportunities and are being admitted so easily. TheAmericans will also be frustrated as a result of the minorities beingeasily employed despite the fact that they have to work harder to beconsidered during application reviews. Such frustrations will lead toin fights among students during the admission periods in colleges.Affirmative action has led to unbalanced and unequal society becauseit breeds hatreds among races.

In addition, affirmative action has led to the employment ofunqualified persons. Job vacancies offered to candidates based onrace or sex are a negative impact of affirmative action. Despite thepossession of high qualifications, unqualified personnel with theprospects of satisfying diversity are employed, leaving out thecandidates who have worked hard and attained high grades. In fact thequalified employees have been looked down upon with some believingthey are affirmative action hires.this can be attributed to the factthat the America is lagging behind in development and other countrieslike Korea, Japan and China are superseding America’s economy at analarming rate the main devil being to embrace affirmative action.

To conclude, affirmative action is not doing the intended function.In return, it is done contrary to the expectation, which is to helpthe minorities. Instead, it is assisting the politicians, and middleand upper classes. Also, affirmative action should be neglectedbecause a student should be admitted to a school based on his or herintelligence, but not on the gender or the colour of the thepast, Martin Luther King struggled hard to put an end to racism, butthis affirmative action wants to bring it back. Students should learnhow to work hard to achieve a goal and not depend on someone else toget there. Hence affirmative action must be re-addressed andhopefully another solution will be discovered to solve the schooladmission issues.