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Themedia and gender roles

Themedia plays a great role in educating, cautioning and informing themasses in all aspects of life. The media can have either positive ornegative outcomes depending on the information it publishes to thepeople. This essay will address the role of the media in defining thegender roles in the society.

Fora long time, there have been clearly defined roles of each gender inthe society. There are those roles that a man is expected to take upand there are roles that have been exclusively set aside for thewoman. However, it is important to note that in the current times,things have changed and both genders can take up roles that werepreviously set aside for the other gender. The media has played agreat role in propelling this change among people as it is seen invarious articles published in magazines as well as advertisements.

Therehave been four major negative stereotypes about women in themagazines, which have taken root in the society. They are: Women arenot in a position to make important decisions, a woman’s place isat home, women have to depend on men to protect them and women aresexual objects according to men. It is important to note that theseviews have not changed so much, but there is great improvement in themagazine advertisements in use today. Women are now portrayed asdrivers of the economy and major decision makers in the workingroles.

SharonMizota (2013) makes an analysis on how Rachel Lachowicz depictsgender roles in a completely different manner to what it was therebefore. Rachel makes a challenge for women to go out and use the maledominated concepts to show that even women can take an active part inthe male dominated world like in the field of science. In thismagazine article, we learn that men and women play complementaryroles so long as both parties are willing to get out of their comfortzones and embrace the changes and learn from them. Further, we learnthat women today can do all that they used to do and still make abreakthrough in the male dominated world as it were.

Itis important for the audience to learn these concepts and practicethem for gender empowerment. However, learning these concepts fromthe media can distort the information that was intended to be passed.People understand concepts differently and there are times when themessage comes out arrogantly and this mistake of fact is whatperpetuates the stereotypes that have not ceased even in the currenttimes. The media is playing a great role and communicating themessage on the change of gender roles is important, but it may not betaken in the same light by the whole audience.

Throughthe magazine advertisements, the media has managed to reach out to agreat audience and educated them against the gender stereotypes thathave portrayed the woman as the weaker sex incapable of doing themajority of the things that men can do. Through the media, the genderroles have changed and the message that all genders are equallygifted has been passed very well. The only problem as stated would bethe way the audience gets that message.


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