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TerraState Community College Security Structure

Everyyear, new students continue their academic journey at Terra StateCommunity College. For the students to successfully complete theiracademic journey, they must operate in safe and secure environment.This paper will to explore the college’s safety and securitystructure using algebraic mathematical concepts.

Algebrais a mathematical concept that describes the relationship betweenvariables using mathematical statements. Variables are things thatvary over time, that is, they are not fixed. Variables are oftenrepresented using letters and symbols in algebra. Algebra usesalgebraic expressions and equations to express a relationship. Analgebraic expression is a collection of numbers, variables and signsthat makes mathematical and logical sense while an algebraic equationis simply two mathematical expressions that equals one another. Anexpression does not have an equals sign whereas and equation doeshave an equals sign.

Otherthan solving mathematical problems in a class, algebra and be used tosolve problems in real life. For example, basic linear algebrasubprograms have been used to develop many software (Lawson et al.324 – 325). Algebra can also be applied in the workplace or inlearning institutions. This paper will describe the security of setupof Terra State Community College using algebraic expressions andformulae. According to Terra State Community College’s website, theCampus Safety Department is responsible formulating and enforcingschool’s security policies and regulations and ensuring the safetyand security of the institution. The Campus Safety Department iscomposed of two full time employees, a Director and an AssistantDirector, and part-time Campus Safety Officers. The campus securityset up can therefore be expressed in algebraic terms as follows

CampusSafety Department Staff = Director + Assistant Director + part-timeCampus Safety Officers

Inaddition, the Campus Safety Department has forged a close workingrelationship with the Fremont Police and Fire Departments. Therefore

CampusSafety Department = Campus Safety Department Staff + SecurityPolicies and Regulations + Fremont Police and Fire Departments

Theschool security is also dependent on students, teaching andnon-teaching staff who are encouraged to report crimes or anysuspicious activity that may potentially bleach the security of theschool to the Campus Safety Department or the police (Terra StateCommunity College). If the Campus Safety Department is represented byletter a, the school community (student and staff) by letter b, theoverall campus security (c) can be represented by the followingequation:

a+ b = c

Ideally,Campus Safety Department and the school community could constitutethe entire security structure of Terra State Community College.However, in real life situations, the security of a learninginstitution is likely to be affected by other factors such asarchitectural design of the campus, proper lighting, timely andaccurate reporting of crimes and potential safety and securityhazards, emergency responses, potential terror threats among others(Wayne State College 7 – 26). These factors are termed as variablesand denoted by letter x in this paper. Therefore, for the campus tobe entirely secure (constant), the Campus Safety Department and theschool community (components) must function optimally. The componentsare however influenced by various variables.

TheCampus Safety Department is the core body mandated to ensure securityof the Terra State Community College. Hypothetically speaking, CampusSafety Department is more likely to be affected by external factorsas compared to the school community. For the purpose of this articletherefore, the variables affecting the Campus Safety Department willbe assumed to be the square of the factors affecting the schoolcommunity as illustrated in the equation below

ax2+ bx = c

Thisequation can be further develop to form a quadratic equation asfollows

ax2+ bx – c = 0

Inconclusion, algebra is valuable and can be used to solve real lifeproblems. As illustrated above, the security of Terra State CommunityCollege has been equated in algebraic equations which have beenfurther developed into a quadratic equation.


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