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ToWhom It May Concern:

Re:Request for Appeal of Dismissal

Iwould like to appeal my academic dismissal from the university. I wasnot surprised but ashamed upon receiving the letter of my dismissal.I would like to request you to reinstate me for the next semester.

Iadmit that I had faced difficult times last semester, and as a resultI got poor grades. It is not that I want to excuse myself, but Iwould kindly like to express myself. I understood that applying forthe last semester courses required a lot of my time in studies. Iknow I could have been able to handle it, but there arose somedifferences between my parents. The situation grew serious to thepoint that they were getting divorced. I had to spend a lot of timetalking to them with the aim of maintaining their unity for ourfamily’s sake. This was because, upon their divorce, no one will bepaying my fees to study in USA. The long time I took trying to talkto them cut into my study time. Even when studying, the situationdistracted me. I now have understood that I should not have hid butrather communicated with my professors or take a leave of absence. Ithought could manage my studies even in that situation, but I waswrong.

Iam now very much prepared to study devotedly to achieve the goals ofmy course. I have confidence that upon readmission, my professionalstudies will be my priority as I work towards my life’s dreams. Irealize now that I am risking losing my education line and a chanceof being a student of this university. My failure also may prevent mefrom graduating from the university and as a result it may ruin mygreat ambition of becoming a professional in my field. My poorperformance was as a result of unavoidable circumstances in the pastsemester. I understand that my situation may not completely be thereason for my poor grades, but the situation was compelling andinevitable. But I am now prepared to face all the challenges that myeducation will pose in a wiser way.

Iwould be very proud to graduate in this university as aninternational student since it has been my dream to acquire a degreeabroad. I managed to meet all the school’s requirements save forthe F grade that I got in my two courses. If I am reinstated, I willplan to manage my time wisely, take more time in my studies and focusto achieve the best grade. Fortunately, I have successfully got aplan to get my school fees. Furthermore, I am at peace because myparents cancelled the divorce application and are now together. Iwill meet with the school’s counselor and seek to follow all theadvice given.

Kindlyunderstand the low GPA I got does not mean I am a bad student. Isurely am a good student only that I had an awful semester. Thank youfor the time you have taken to read my letter. I am looking forwardto another chance. Thank you for your consideration.