Starbucks Inventory Management and Forecasting Research Paper

StarbucksInventory Management and Forecasting Research Paper


Paryani,K. (2011). Product quality, service reliability and management ofoperations at Starbucks. International Journal of Engineering,Science and Technology, 3(7), 1-14.

Inthis journal article on product quality, service reliability andmanagement, Paryani illustrates how the provision of relatively highquality, reliable products and service at Starbucks have consequentlybone significant impact in relation to market share, level ofproduction, and profits made, resulting in improved operationmanagement. Paryani (2011) combined a historical analysis to generateinsights on the root cause of Starbucks success, and observationalresearch to investigate client’s experiences in a specific store atStarbucks in a city in the state of Michigan, USA.

Withvast skills and substantial experience in the field of inventorymanagement and forecasting Paryani is quite knowledgeable about thevarious difficulties and problems that are more often encountered inthis particular field. His is technologically coherent andinternationally astute and therefore, practically supplement hiscompetence in an attempt to provide pragmatic solutions to technicalissues in inventory management and forecasting.

Thisarticle is further very recent and offers and empirical ideas andframeworks that can help many firms cope with several technicalitiesthat result from rapid changes in the technology as well as inventorymanagement and forecasting. The particular approach he undertook andthe various conclusions he arrived compounded by the viablerecommendations he suggests at in this article could be applied in anumber of business organizations scale their inventory management andforecasting.

Theparticular areas Paryani investigated at Starbucks fall underoperations management especially for a firm that both sells a productand offers services to its clients. These make the article timely,adequately descriptive, comprehensively researched and more relevantto the topic at hand. Starbucks could improve regain its marketshare, and improve productivity and profitability if it adopts theresults of this piece of work.

Geereddy,N. (2013). Strategic Analysis of Starbucks Corporation.

Inthis article on the strategic analysis of Starbucks Corporation,Geereddy (2013) makes an attempt to examine Starbucks in relation toits products, its methods of processing its products, and the varioussupply chains the company adopts in the distribution of its products.He also make a critical analysis of how Starbucks markets its productmix integrating other brand names within its portfolio of firms,which include Teavana, Tazo, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks VIA,Starbucks Refreshers, Evolution Fresh, La Boulange and Verismo.

Asexperienced and well accredited journalist Geereddy is much aware ofthe various limitations of his investigation as well as the ethicalimplications of their experiential research strategies which hereflects them on the issue under study. The writer is forthcomingabout his methods of analysis and integrates his experiences toprovide a critical analysis of the industry market, internal andexternal environments in which such a company operates, determinantsof demand and profitability, among other key issues that bearsignificant impacts on inventory management and forecasting.

Thisarticle is quite recent, relevant and focuses on practical issuesthat are more often than not witnessed in many aspects of inventorymanagement and forecasting systems in manufacturing firms. Geereddypresents relatively accurate and relevant information that show howcontextual effects within a business organization as well as itsexternal market forces bear dramatic effects on the overall financialperformance which relates to effective inventory management andforecasting. I therefore find this article is therefore timely,descriptive, and well-investigated.

Hisprecise analysis of the strategies Starbucks utilized, theirstrengths and limitations coupled by the vivid recommendations serveto provide further insights into the inventory management andforecasting ate the company.


Geereddy,N. (2013). Strategic Analysis of Starbucks Corporation.

Paryani,K. (2011). Product quality, service reliability and management ofoperations at Starbucks. International Journal of Engineering,Science and Technology, 3(7), 1-14.