believed thatif you owned a farm you would get what?


believed that ifyou owned a plantation or a farm other than getting life, liberty,and the practice of happiness, they would also gain equality or atleast its illusion. As such, they the idea that the society theylived in was an egalitarian one, and that land would make them freeand not slaves. Moreover, they believed that owning a farm wouldraise them in the social rank and play a key figure in eyes of thepublic. They also thoughtthat owning a farm meant that they were the chosen people of God. Thesoutherners believed that only owning a farm would make oneindependent, self-sufficient and self-governing and a socially stablecommunity. As such, they were meant to believethat morality, good citizenship and the right to vote all emanatedfrom the ownership of a farm. According to the , owning afarm assured rootedness, stability, security and anomie of cities.

What they reallygot?


The prices of lands in theregion kept escalating yearly such a good number of the southernerswere not in a position to afford a piece of land in the region.To make matters worse, they started fleeing and opted to work for therich white folks who in turn enslaved them. The southerners who ownedfarms were dealt a heavy blow as the prices of land dwindled and inthe process labor reduced as well as production. The farms lost theirvalues and were abandoned in the process meaning that there was noreal system of agriculture existing. The reality dawned on thesoutherners that owning a farm was not the solution to all their lifeproblems and only led them to a misery life of slavery.