Social Media A New Paradigm in Public relations

SocialMedia: A New Paradigm in Public relations


SocialMedia: A New Paradigm in Public Relations

Doessocial media influence how public relation practitioners engage withtheir public and stakeholders? Over the last few years, publicrelations practitioners have made efforts to establish ways in whichtheir firms can benefit from incorporating social media platforms incommunicating with their public. This venture has created acomfortable world in which clients can freely express themselves toPR practitioners and other customers.

Socialmedia platforms enable PR practitioners to engage with their publicon a more personalized interface. It has literally given more roomfor a single person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands ofpeople about products, news, offers, among other information.Customers’ likes, comments, invites, and so on, do expand thespectrum of public relations operations.

Convergingwith public and stakeholders at MEERKAT, public relations managerscan learn how to measure how they influence their audience. Reactionsof public and stakeholders on various posts demonstrate theirfeelings and attitudes towards the company and its products. Coupledwith mainstream marketing media, social media has also injected ahybrid role in the promotional mix, consequently scaling the successof PH initiatives.

However,unlike in the past, social media has empowered customers to have morecontrol of information about companies and their products. Today,clients have acquired the bigger share as far as the firms’ websitecontent is concerned. Companies are, therefore, mere observers ofwhat happens on their blogs because they are sometimes limited toalter comments their clients make on their blogs.

Companies,however, need to choose specific social media applications becauserunning these apps requires active administrators. Too much emphasison them can compromise core business objectives.


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