Social Commentary about the ‘Bicycle Thieves’


SocialCommentary about the ‘Bicycle Thieves’

SocialCommentary on the ‘Bicycle Thieves’

VittorioDe Sica uses the “Bicycle Thieves” to depict the social statusesand responsibilities of different institutions including the church,police department and the working classes of Italy after World WarII. “Bicycle Thieves” was released in 1948 describing the walk ofthe posters hanger, Antonio and his son, Bruno in their search for astolen bicycle. Based on the first movie scenes, I have an impressionthat the church at that time was the only option left for the poormen like Antonio. The colonist religion has lost its socialresponsibility in that most the mission Mass attenders engage incriminal acts such as theft and bribery. De Sica shows that mostpeople are unemployed while the few working people cannot support thedeprived citizens (Scarpelli &amp De Sica, 1948).

DeSica also depicts that the trade unionists of Italy cannot even offersupport to the isolated and deprived Antonio in recovering his lostbicycle. The trade unionists condemn Antonio to poverty and thuscannot help him. Although Antonio files a case with the police torecover his lost bicycle, his case is dismissed (Scarpelli, De Sica,1948). I think the court and policing systems had broken down inItaly in that it could not stop the rampant crime in the streets.After he failed to recover the lost bicycle, at the end, Antoniodecides to steal another bicycle (Scarpelli, De Sica, 1948).Unfortunately, he gets caught, but, the owner does not press chargeson him and thus revealing that some rich people cared about thedesperate and poor citizens of Italy. During this time, Italy wasexperiencing economic destitution and disparities in the urban andrural areas. The social class of Antonio’s family is low in thatthey line up to receive food from the church. Some other people tradein the black market to get money (Scarpelli &amp De Sica, 1948).Black markets were very common during post-WWII era in Italy.


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