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Theapplication under discussion is using Google Docs to sharespreadsheets in an organization. The application is relevant fororganizations or departments that need to share information fordecision making as part of a collaborative program to enhanceperformance.

Thereare several steps involved in sharing spreadsheets using Google Docs.They include(Rienzo &amp Han, 2009):

Thisphotograph shows how the Google Docs spreadsheet buttons look like

  1. The user prepares the spreadsheet before putting it in a folder.

  2. Lon into the Gmail account and click the drive button to access Goggle drive.

  3. Set the upload settings to conform with the application

  4. Upload the spreadsheet on Google drive by importing it from the folder

  5. Immediately the uploading process is complete, the share link will appear

  6. Click the share link to invite the target recipients of the spreadsheet who normally appear as friends.

  7. Type the email addresses of the intended recipients

  8. Click the “can view” button to share the uploaded spreadsheet.

  9. The recipient can access the spreadsheet on the “Google sheet” to be able to edit it.

Thepicture below shows how a typical spreadsheet looks like

Thechallenges of using the Google drive spreadsheet sharing tool

Thereare several challenges that users are likely to encounter while usingGoogle Drive to share spreadsheets. The application requires the userfirst convert the spreadsheet into Google Docs because spreadsheetsneed to allow editing in case of needed adjustments. This way, theycan open the spreadsheet from the native application through anyoperating system. However, if the spreadsheet is accessed through theDrive, the viewer cannot only view the document, but not edit it.

Theuser must know how to export the spreadsheet from a folder where itwas in excel format to format it.Therefore, the user must know thatthe process create two versions of the spreadsheet the original andthe Google version. While user can edit or modify the spreadsheet inthe Google Docs format the user also needs to understand that it isin form of a links that allow them to open the spreadsheet forediting. Therefore, they must access the internet for them to be ableto edit the document. To solve this problem the user must configurethe Docs to be accessed offline. They can also resave it to itsoriginal format after editing it online so that it can open in itsnative form when it is time to edit.

Anothervery significant challenge faced by users of Google docs applicationin sharing spreadsheets, is the fidelity of documents. Theapplication has undergone tremendous improvements to ensure that thedocument is maintained during all the conversions to and from Googledocs. However, the improvements only apply to simple documents thathave basic features such as italics, bold, underlining, and simplebullets. For a spreadsheet that has complex table contents, headers,footnotes, or footers, they become mangled and the user will have todo a lot of manual repairs to the resultant document.

Userssuch as business entities that use Google docs most of the time neednot to worry. However, those who use only exchange spreadsheets oncein a while are likely to face more challenges when using it.

Usingthe Google docs application in harmonizing team content in anorganization

Anorganization or a department can use Google drive to harmonizedigital content in spreadsheets. They can share the spreadsheets inwhichever form they desirable including one that can be edited. Thediagram below shows how employees in an organization can do so. Forexample, a marketing department that wants members to be involved inthe digital and only marketing process, content creation, and othernetworking processes can use the application to so. The best examplefor spreadsheets is an accounting department that wants its membersto authenticatefinancial statement can use the Google Docsapplication to simultaneously seek their indulgence in making thenecessary corrections. In some cases, the members may be legallyrequired to have a copy of the spreadsheet hence, the applicationenables the user to share it to them in the ‘read only’ mode.

Theaccounting department is vital in ensuring that financial statementsreflect the actual measures of the firm’s performance and position.Google drives are an important tool for sharing different kinds ofinformation that document form so that proper verifications are madeto enhance the authenticity of prepared financial reports. Withcurrent Smartphone age, employees can share information through themwithout necessarily being with a desktop or laptop. Furthermore, theuser can use the “content and social’ folder so that it becomemore interactive between the content publisher and other employeeswho need to see the document before it is formally released to thesenior management and the public. The “content and social” foldermakes it possible for them to also get other sub-folders so that theycan move the files to whomever they may concern on the organization’ssocial media update handle or page. Using the social media to sharedocuments such as spreadsheets eliminates the need for the user tocheck in past emails to get it.


Rienzo,T., &amp Han, B. (2009). Microsoft or Google web 2.0 tools forcourse management. Journalof Information Systems Education,20(2),123.