Sherwood Management




Enteringa non-US market needs strategies and evolutionary thinking bySherwood management. By understanding the indigenous cultures vitallyguides the organization to understand the unique consumer cultures inthe Nigerian market. Entering a new market with a different consumerculture is almost the same as a start-up (McCracken, 2012). The onlydifference is the Sherwood’s management would be careful inhandling risk.

Strategiesto understand the learn the Nigerian culture

Thereare three strategies the Sherwood can adopt to understand the newconsumer culture: (1) carry out research by collecting data (2)establish an identity and keenly watching the reaction of consumers(3) introduce new technologies that tap into the country’s consumerpotential.

Expectedcultural outcomes in Nigerian

Thepossible cultural outcomes are the influence of local cultures on thebeliefs and attitudes about ownership of wealth. Being an Africancountry, there are high chances that wealth is perceived majorly interms of property. Therefore, Sherwood will have to aggressivelypenetrate the new market based on these attitudes while leveraging onexisting structures of modern creation of wealth.

Essentialresources for co-workers

Theessential resource for co-workers is a cultural catalogue based onthe research done earlier and a database with data. They would guidethem on how to interact with customers in a local context so thatthey can identify with Sherwood as an organization set to serve them.


Thepreparations include recruiting local experts who have knowledgeabout the local market in the line industry. They should also havethe data ready to guide the necessary questions that they would needto ask during the deliberation.

Expectationsand challenges during presentation

Thepresentation would be a learning process. Several corrections wouldbe made by local experts to correct the initial notions built fromthe research. The greatest challenge would be to find a strategy thatreconciles what the local experts know and the dynamic realities thatSherwood might face in the initial face of market penetration.


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