Sagging is an Unacceptable Trend

Saggingis an Unacceptable Trend

Oneof the more disturbing fashion and wearing trends in the modernsociety is sagging. Sagging is the habit of wearing a trouser in away that it sags below the waist in order to reveal that pants.According to Bolar(34), the trend is disturbingbecause the people who sag consider it as a way of expressing theirfashion, yet it is an unethical habit. The sagging manner can be doneso extensively that it reveals the underwear in a manner that isconsidered to be unethical and provocative as well as inappropriate.The discussion about the habit will illustrate that sagging is anunacceptable trend that should be stopped in the society.

Historyof Sagging

Saggingof trousers started with inmates in the United States prisons. Thesagging trend started in the prison system because inmates weredenied belts to avoid suicide. Prisoners were denied the use of beltsto prevent their use as weapons or tools for suicidal activities.Therefore, prisoners had loose trousers that could not fit the waistwell, thereby causing a sagging wear. At the same time, sagging wasadopted in some prisons by inmates signaling that they werehomosexuals, and ready to get partners in the prison. Prisoners alsoused sagging of their trousers as a way of showing their gangsterstyle (Bolar17). Latter, the sagging trendmade its way to the popular hip hop culture and eventually become atrend among young men and teen boys.

Whilemany people consider the trend as fashionable and a way of expressingtheir youth, its background proves that it is an unacceptable trendthat should be avoided. The historical background behind the saggingtrend shows that the habit is an unethical practice that originallypromoted an immoral act of homosexuality. Therefore, the habit is anunacceptable trend that should be avoided.

PreviousAttempts to end Sagging

Inthe 21stcentury, many governments around the world, including the UnitedStates attempted to regulate sagging and ban the practice. Most ofthe local authorities and state governments in the United Statesbanned sagging by strongly discouraging wearing trousers below thewaist. For instance, in the state of Florida, some cities like thecity of Opa-Lockabanned sagging and imposed a fineof $500 for people who flout the law (Hughey113). Most of the transitagencies and transport terminus, as well as airlines banned thesagging habit among the travelers. The practice was also banned inschools and in religious institutions as a way of promoting ethicsand morals in the society.

However,the efforts of banning sagging have not borne any fruits and may notwork sooner. This is because sagging is a social problem thatoriginates from the mental idea of fashion. According to Hughey(112), sagging is one of thesocial ethical issues that is cannot be tackled like any other crimethat can be outlawed. There is no practicality or logic of banningsagging habit in the society because the youth commit no crime. Whilethe society does not directly approve the sagging behavior, it cannotbe ended through banning. This is because it is viewed by a sager asa way of expression and not a crime (Hughey113). However, the argument thatsagging is a means of self-expression by the younger generation isnot logical since it is not an express means of communication.

Saggingis Unacceptable

Thepractice itself makes the sagging trend unacceptable because of theexposure it gives to the people. Sagging evolved from hanging thetrouser below the waist to the now commonly practiced hanging of thetrouser below the buttocks (Hughey113). This exposes the innerwearof a person as well as the private body parts that should not beexposed to the public. Some call this trend a form of self-expressionwhile others call it indecent exposure and a detriment to society(Bolar 22). Either way, wearing sagging pants below the buttocksshould not be an acceptable form of self-expression. This is becauseit seeks to emulate an immoral lifestyle that does not bring amentality of fashion, but an unethical practice that exposes privateaspects of a person to the people around.

Inaddition, sagging gives disturbing sights to people who are notinterested in the fashion habit or the youth behavior that exposestheir body parts. According to Bolar(35), this makes the trend aproblem in the society that involves interaction between the old andthe young. While older people do not like such behavior, and areirritated by the sights of the people who sag their trousers toreveal the private wear or buttocks of the sager. Therefore, saggingis not well received by the people who look at the person since noone wants to see the private parts of a person (Bolar 34). To avoidthe irritation that the habit is given to the older generation,sagging should not be supported and is an unacceptable trend thatshould be discouraged.

Moreover,sagging is more of a symbolic act rather than a fashionable practice.The sagging practice is a trend tends to carry diverse negativeconnotations to the public. The symbolic nature of sagging is derivedfrom the historical meaning of the practice that linked sagging withhomosexuality. This means that people who still hold the view thatpeople who sag are homosexuals, they view them negatively and judgetheir character and personality based on the sag that they have onthem. On the other hand, the sagging trend is associated with the hiphop culture and gangster style of life (Brunson 7). According toBrunson (8), this is because the habit was mostly made famous by thehip hop music and fashion trends. Therefore, a person tends to judgea sager as a member of a gang or a hip hop cultured person. To avoidthis misinterpretation of the character, sagging should be made anunacceptable trend.

Sagginghas no moral value to the young people because tends to mislead thepeople in terms of the meaning of the habit and the implications.This is because sagging is associated with trends of moral decadencein the society and not the ethical (Brunson 9). Moral decadence isexpressed by the actions that the people in the society portray tothe world. The actions of sagging communicate the immoral elements ofthe society, especially the one that promotes or accepts theunethical habit. According to Bolar(28),sagging is an unethical becauseit exposes the level of moral decadence that sees no problem inexposing the underwear or even part of the buttocks to the public.Therefore, the trend should be discouraged and made unacceptable inthe society.

Saggingis one of the habits in the society that do not have any moral,social or fashion value to the person doing it. The sagging behaviordoes not reflect fashion because it is not a new style of wearing ormaking of clothing (Bolar37). At the same time, saggingdoes not give any value to the society since it does not representissues of concern in the society. In the musical world, sagging doesnot necessarily make the art better or more valuable if the singersor actors have sagged their trousers or pants. Therefore, saggingshould be made an unacceptable trend in the society due to itsuselessness to the society. The fact that sagging does not add anyvalue to a person means that it should not be discouraged.


Thebest solution to sagging is to educate the youth about the habit andthe ethics that the society expects them to uphold. This is becausesagging is a social problem that requires educating people to makepersonal choices against the practice. The young people should beeducated on the best means of expressing their youth and avoidunethical sagging methods like sagging (Bolar51). The means of self-expressionshould be universal and acceptable to all the people in the societyin terms of ethics. The youth should be educated that sagging iscommonly associated with unethical practices of homosexuality, gangsand aggressiveness (Bolar62).Therefore, the youth will understand that there is no logical waythey can express themselves through the unethical practice by walkingwith sagged trousers in the society.

Anotherimportant society is to create awareness in the society about theethics and good morals. The society should be educated that saggingis one of the things that is not logical for a society to acceptbecause it does not mean a lot in life (Bolar62). People in the society shouldbe educated on the importance to throw away things that do not addmeaning to their lives and discard any issues that do not promote thegood in the society. When people think of things that do not make anydifference to their lifestyles they tend to avoid the thoughts andavoid the things. The society should be educated that it is illogicalto have sagging acceptable in the society when individuals do notlike it.

Theyouth should also be educated on how to avoid the destructivecontents of the media and negative influence of music. This isbecause the youth emulates media and music celebrities who do notnecessarily practice. According to Bolar (32), the young people justcopy what they see in the popular media and the music scene withoutcritiquing their meaning and significance. In addition, sagging isamong the trends that they adopt from the videos, songs and over theinternet (Brunson 8). The youth should be educated that the characterof the people in the popular media is totally different from the waythey portray (Brunson 11). For instance, hip hop artists or actorsmay sag to show their gangster style of life, but they do not livethat way in their real life. Therefore, the youth should be educatedon how to avoid negative influence and emulate the good morals andethics in society.


Saggingis a trend that is associated with habits that are considered to beunethical in the society. Therefore, the trend of sagging trousersand pants below the waist to reveal the underwear is an unacceptablehabit. Since the trend does not have any moral value or fashion,meaning, it should be avoided and discouraged in the modern society.Moreover, sagging creates different negative meanings andconnotations that lead to misinterpretation of people’s character.Therefore, sagging is an unacceptable trend that should be avoidedand discouraged. While sagging is unethical, the efforts of banningthe trend cannot succeed because it is a mental and a social problem.Therefore, the best solution to end the trend is the use of socialeducation to the youth and the society about the ethical concernsabout sagging.


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