Role of Parliamentary Agents

Roleof Parliamentary Agents

WhyParliamentary Agents are Important

Inmany democratic governments, parliamentplays the role of watchdog onbehalf of the people. It ensures the government is accountable forits actions and that its expenditure is in line with the budgetpassed in Parliament. The following are the reasons why these agentsare important and they shouldbe allowed to exist.

  1. The government functions are diverse and the parliament may not have the time to look keenly at every move the government makes in regard to its functions. The tools and mechanisms used by these agencies are laid out in the constitution. The time is ripe for parliament to increase or improve its oversight on government activities. The agents have the time and resources to keep an eye on all government actions. Parliament would achieve very little without the input of these bodies.

  2. The information gathered by the agencies during the work should be shared with other agencies. Some times, inter-agency relationships are intricate and difficult to maintain. The agencies are in a position to foster the rightrelationships and ensure they will bear the desired results. The relationships requireintensediscussions on a technical level and parliament may not havethe time or resources to deliver that.

  3. Because of the technicality of some of the issuesbeing investigated, it is important to leave the task to people who have the skills and knowledge to get the desired results. Although members of Parliament are made up of well educated individuals, it does not have enough people to deliver the results expected. Therefore, it isbetter to allow bodies made up of professionals who are highly trained and skilled to conduct the work on its behalf.

  4. There are various parliamentaryoversight bodies at the moment. Some of them have been in existence for a long time while othersare new. Each of these bodies has a particular function to play. When the activities of these agencies are combined. The result is to have a parliament that is preforming its functions well. These bodies are very important as they have helped to keep the government in check over the years. As the governing process becomes more complex, there is need to maintain a tight strict watch over the authorities to ensure public funds are not abused. It will not be surprising to find new agencies formed in the future as need arise.

  5. All parliamentary agencies are formed within the confines of the law. They are either entrenched in the constitution or are formed by the rules of the house. Therefore, the agencies are legal and there is nothing wrong in establishing them whenever that is necessary.

  6. Parliamentary agencies are very crucial because they have the time and resources required to unearth wrong doing in the government. Members of parliament may be too busy in the house debating to follow what the authorities are up to. It is therefore important to find bodies that have all the time to watch and observe what the government is doing and report the same to parliament for the appropriate action. Without these bodies, a lot of illegal things could be happening.

  7. The agencies allow the members of parliament to focus on their work and act on their reports. The reports generated by these bodies from their investigations are independent and hence reliable. There is no way then that the government authorities can victimize or intimidate any member of parliament with regard to the work of the agencies.

  8. In order to play its roles effectively,parliamentshould have the right information. The value of having the current information regarding a particular issue cannot be ignored. Parliamentrequires the details to help them pass relevant laws to be used in administering the nation. The agencies appointed by the house have the resources to provide upto date details on any issue. Members of parliament may not have the capacity to seek the details on their own and this might affect the quality of their deliberations in the house.

  9. While the functions of all the bodies are important, it is necessary to have them well coordinated. This is the main challenge when it comes to the reports generated by these bodies. However, with the right coordination, the reports and information generated by these agencies can be harnessed and used in ensuring that the houseplaysits role effectively

  10. Another factor that is considered when looking at the functions of the agencies is the amount of money used to fund their activities. Some people may feel that the money used is too much but they should look at the value they add to the governance of the country. The bodies can also applymodernmethods of administration to make their services more efficient. They do this by hiring highly qualified personnel who are able to utilize the resource available effectively.

Inconclusion, the role of parliamentary agencies cannot beunderestimated. They assist the house to play a better role ofmonitoring the government authoritiesandtheirfunctions. Therefore myworthy opponents, do you really think it is in order for parliamentnot to improve the way it plays its monitoring role on thegovernment?