Robert Kiyosaki Influenced My Worldview


RobertKiyosaki Influenced My Worldview

RobertKiyosaki Influenced My Worldview

Accordingto Nahavandi (2014), theway we view the world is as a result of the ideologies that we haveacquired over the past years. I have come to understand that theseideologies are determined by the knowledge we have gained and thepeople we have met, who influence our thinking and world view. Inthis regard, I must admit that the people I have met in my life havegreatly shaped my thinking, especially my view of the world. The mostinteresting person who influenced my world view is Robert Kiyosaki.Robert Kiyosaki is a leading entrepreneur, self help author and amotivational speaker in America. More importantly, Robert is apersonal development expert. His influence over my life makes him themost influential person in my life.

Robertchanged the way I view the world by introducing my mind to thephilosophical elements of thinking. Prior to meeting with Robert, Iused to think that my life is all about going to school, achievinggood grades, getting a good job and retire later in life. However,Robert introduced me to a totally new way of viewing the world. Fromhis influence, I realized that my life is more important than justgraduating, getting a job and retiring. His teachings changed the wayI think, act and treat other people. My new view of the world as aplatform for achieving my potential is powerful in shaping mybehavior.

Robertchanged my world view through his trainings and personal developmentbooks. I first met Robert three years ago when I attended his onlinetraining seminar, a webinar as advised by my friend. I immediatelychanged my perspective about the world and about myself. I realizedthat I have a great potential of achieving whatever my mind focusesto achieve. According to Weimann(1994), realization ofpersonal potential and how to achieve one’s dreams changes aperson’s perspective. My embrace of the new perspective changed onhow I viewed my existence in the world. After the training session, Iwas recommended to buy his videos and books to learn more about histeachings. Since then, I have been following his teachings throughhis company events, online media, videos and books.

Inaddition, Robert influenced my world view is through his ideologicalinfluence on the way I perceive education. Before I attended theseminar by Robert or read some of his books, I used to think thateducation is meant to make a person civilized and ready for work.However, Robert’s trainings introduced me to the real meaning ofeducation. According to Robert, education is the basis of acquiringknowledge and skills that help a person to be more productive. Thischanged my perspective towards formal and informal education. Robertperceives the importance of schooling as to gain skills and not toget the papers. From the time I learnt these lessons, I am nowserious with education and schooling so that I can graduate withexcellent skills for a better life.

Inaddition, Robert influenced my world view by impacting on the way Iinteract with people. Robert influenced my way of viewing otherpeople and treating them as important players in the world. Robertinfluenced me to see people as the source of success in both theemployment world or in entrepreneurship. His trainings focused on howto talk to people, how to influence others and how to lead people.Previously, I was not social or interactive with many people.Instead, I used to interact with people strictly on a need to knowbasis. However, from the influence of the online seminars and videosby Robert, I have since changed my perspective.

Theother main influence that Robert had over my world view is the way Iperceive, understand and handle my finances. Robert is knownworldwide for his different view on financial management andinvesting. According to Nahavandi(2014), people can influence others significantly through literatureand interaction. Throughhis trainings and books on financial education, I learnt his ideologyand I have actively implemented it in my life. According to Robert,money should not be spent only, but should be saved and invested. Headvises people to invest money so that the investment can generatemore money. To invest, Robert advices people to seek capital from lowcost sources and advocates to savings. From his influence, I amcurrently saving a lot and I reduced my unnecessary expenses. Theavoidance of unnecessary expenses is in line with Robert’s advicethat people should avoid liabilities and build assets.

Throughthe ideologies of Robert Kiyosaki, I have learnt new ways of viewingthe world and myself. Kiyosaki has greatly influenced my view aboutmy potential, about my view on education and schooling. Through hisinfluence, I have become more social and interactive with people asimportant players in the world. In addition, Robert’s influence haschanged my view of money and financial management. As a result of theinfluence of Robert, I am more serious with education, savings andplanning to make my future better. In general, I have changed myworld view because of the influence from Robert Kiyosaki.


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