Rhetorical Analysis


Peoplemay love each other, but if they are of the same sex they should notmarry. Marrying a person of the same sex would not benefit anindividual since the marriage would not be in a position to offer anychild. Loving each other is not bad, but it is important to expressthe love to a person of opposite sex. Marrying a person of oppositesex is of immense importance because it helps in continuance of thefuture generation. According to Mark Gupko, a man should never marryanother man and a woman should never marry another woman. The aim ofthis essay is to support the argument that same sex marriage shouldnever be allowed. The paper will explore the pros and cons of samesex marriage.

Fromthe illustration above, the photo is a representation of two menexpressing love. The photo indicates that individuals of same sex mayshow love to one another. However, individuals of same sex should notbe allowed to marry. There are different pros and cons that areassociated with same sex marriage. The following paragraphs discussthe pros and cons of same sex marriage.

Oneof the pros of same sex marriage is that it denies some individualsthe option of marrying, which creates a second class of citizens. Itis a right of every person to engage in a relationship that he/shedesires. Denying a person to marry a person that he/she prefers isdiscriminatory. Same sex couples have the right to marry just likeindividuals of opposite sex denying these individuals theopportunity to marry tends to create another category of citizens.Same sex individuals should have an access to similar benefits thatare enjoyed by heterosexuals. When same sex couples are not allowedto marry, they are denied the opportunity to enjoy the benefits thatother individuals enjoy (Sullivan62). Another pro of same sex marriage is that marriage is recognizedinternationally as a human right for all individuals. Marriage is afundamental right according to the U.S. constitution. Everyindividual should be given equal rights to engage in marriage.Falling in love with a person that one prefers should be seen as aright that should be enjoyed by all individuals. Failure to supportsame sex marriage denies individuals the right to have a relationshipwith an individual that he/she prefers. This is a denial of globallyrecognized human right. Furthermore, marriage is not only meant forprocreation. People may decide to live together and not havechildren disallowing same sex marriage may prevent infertile couplesfrom marrying (Sullivan68). Marriage should not be seen as something that forces individualsto live with individuals that they do not, but should be seen as anassociation that gives individuals the right to fall in love and livewith individuals that they value in life. It is not a must thatindividuals should marry for procreation purposes individuals maymarry for companionship and every individual need to choose a personthat he/she desires to live with for the rest of his/her life withoutany discrimination.

Onthe other hand, one of the cons of same sex marriage is that themarriage institution has been traditionally defined as being betweena woman and a man. Supporting same sex marriage may go against thegenerally accepted norms of society. Besides, marriage should be seenas a means for pro-creation. It is important to bear children inorder to support the next generation. Supporting same sex marriagewould imply that there would be no individuals to support the futuregeneration. Therefore, same sex marriage should not be supported forthe sake of procreation that would support the future generation.Another con of same sex marriage is that it may weaken the marriageinstitution (Sullivan88). Every child needs to have the love of both parents in case samesex marriage is allowed, children are likely to be adopted. This mayweaken the marriage institution because adopted children may lack thelove of one or both parents. In addition, homosexuality is immoral.From the biblical point of view, allowing same sex marriage is viewedas being immoral. Same sex marriage goes against the natural morallaw.

Theimage helps in shaping the argument that same sex marriage should notbe allowed. From the analysis, it is obvious that same sex marriageshould not be allowed. Marrying individuals of opposite sex helps insupporting the future generation. This is because opposite sexmarriage allows individuals to bear children. Besides, from thebiblical point of view, it is ungodly to allow same sex marriage.Supporting same sex marriage is perceived to go against the naturallaws of society. Therefore, from Mark Gupko’s standpoint, a manshould never marry another man and a woman should never marry anotherwoman and this the way it should be. Supporting same sex marriagewould imply that there would be no future generation a move that mayhurt even the economy.


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Rhetorical Analysis


Accordingto many communities, marriage is a union between one man and onewoman. Sullivan (36) defines marriage as a social union between a manand a woman who make a decision to live together as a husband andwife. Some of the reasons why people enter into this union arecompanion, to have children, it is a society requirement, help in thecontinuation of future generations, and so on. Although people loveeach other in regardless of the gender, the issue of same-sexmarriage is debatable. There are those people who propose it, and, onthe other hand, those who oppose it. Same-sex marriage is themarriage of two people from the same gender that is, between twomale and two females.

Theimage above shows two men kissing to express their feeling of lovetowards each other. The image illustrate that two people from thesame sex should be allowed to have a relationship. However, MarkGupko gives a Rogerian argument where he says, “a man should nevermarry his fellow man, and a woman should never marry his fellowwoman.” In addition, he states that same-sex marriage goes againstthe law of species. This essay argues that same-sex marriage shouldnot be allowed by exploring the pros and the cons of the same-sexmarriage.

Oneof the pros same-sex marriages is that they can be used as a birthcontrol method. Biologically, conception takes after a sexualintercourse between a man and a woman, but not between two men or twowomen. Therefore, same-sex marriage has a significant role to play inreducing population growth. High population only contributes toglobal warming and usage of many valuable resources. Additionally,the law that prohibits same-sex marriage discriminate thosepractising it. This law stigmatizes the lesbian and the gay familiesand refers them as inferior hence, most communities do notacceptable them as part of the society. This creates another class ofcitizens, which makes them feel discriminated and unwanted species.Every person has a right to marry whosoever he or she loves more indespite his or her gender. Just like the heterosexual relationship,homosexual relationship is a mutual agreement between two individualto live and share domestic tasks. Married people enjoy many benefitssuch as medical cover, joint ownership, among others (Sullivan 68).Accordingly, the married couple of the same-sex will also enjoy suchbenefits. Consequently, when same-sex couples are denied a chance tomarry, they are denied these benefits.

Onthe other hand, valuable activities occur in a heterosexual marriage.According to traditionally communities, the main purpose of marriageis procreation. This can only take place in a marriage of a man and awoman, and not a man and man and vice versa. Biologically, sexualintercourse between people of the same-sex cannot bring forth a child(Sullivan 69). Therefore, authorizing same-sex marriage diminishesthe purpose of marriage from procreation to self-gratification.

Furthermore,same-sex marriage is prohibited in most religious groups. Forinstance, in Christianity, the Catholic, Presbyterians, Baptist, andthe Methodist followers are all against this marriage. In addition,the Hindus and Islamic religion also prohibits it. According toChristians, God initiated the concept of marriage for the purpose ofcompanionship, as well as procreation. Therefore, homosexual marriageis against God’s purpose of marriage. In fact, homosexual isimmoral. Likewise, the traditional communities define marriage as aninstitution between a man and a woman, and its primary objective isto bring forth children.

Besides,same-sex marriage weakens essential family values. For many years,tradition communities had practises and procedures that guide someoneinto marriage. Therefore, introduction another form of marriage iscomplex hence, not acceptable. Likewise, children are verysignificant in a marriage union. According to Sullivan (75), childrenadd value to a marriage. In addition, children enhance continuity ofa community. Furthermore, same-sex marriage disrespects and weakensthe definition of marriage. Children adopted in homosexualitymarriage grow up with a distorted sense of sexual identity. Researchshows that children brought up in same-sex marriage suffer fromridicule and isolation, and in some cases, they suffer fromdepression (Sullivan 70).

Accordingto research, same-sex marriages destroy real marriage and negativelyaffect children. In most states in U.S, adopted children aremaladjusted or disadvantaged in one way or the other (Sullivan 25).Research shows that most Americans from the same-sex marriagefamilies end up adopting children. As a result, these children lackparental love of either the mother or the father. Further, researchshow that children brought up without a father or mother figuresuffers from emotional insecurity, as well as lack father/motheradvice. It is a right of a child to experience the love of bothparents. If same-sex marriages are prohibited, there is likelihood ofhigh number of adopted children. This means that these children willlack parental love and care. In addition, it leads to psychologicaldisorders, low life expectancy, and other health problems.

Therefore,same-sex marriage should not be allowed. The disadvantages ofsame-sex marriages outweigh the advantages, both on spiritual andsocial life. I support heterosexual marriage that is, between oneman and one woman only. In addition, every society should safeguardthe cultural meaning of marriage. Participants of same-sex marriageare selfish, and they just consider their self-satisfaction withoutthinking the negative impact they cause the society. Therefore,people should embrace Mark Gupko’s opinion “a man should nevermarry another man, and a woman should never marry another woman.”


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