Response to the Piano Lesson by August Piano

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Responseto the Piano Lesson by August Piano

ThePiano Lesson by August Wilson features characters in quest toconfront the African-American history. Though the play drama seems tobe entertaining at first, there is the hidden theme where Wilsonchronicles the experience of African-Americans. This is portrayedwhen characters make efforts in changing their experiences as Blacksin America. Wilson has succeeded in using characters to demonstratethe misery of the Blacks and the efforts made towards ensuring thatthey promote their living conditions. Such use of interdiction makesenhances the flow of the drama and heightens the objective of theauthor. On the other hand, the overall counterpoint of the story hasbeen illustrated through use of prediction. For instance, when Averywants to become Lord’s servant and does everything to make thiscome true. Also, Doaker wishes to work for railroad until hisretirement.

Theprediction and interdiction have been very critical in propelling thethematic conflict of the overall story. This is especiallydemonstrated through the Boy, Willie, who argues that there is nodifference between him and the white man. Therefore, it can be seenthat Wilson is keen on characterization and theme development. Thoughthe paly uses different characters, it is easy to get the objectiveof the play and overall theme. This is a very important element indrama where the theme of the story should be indirectly reflectedthrough role development and characterization.

Inoverall, the drama is driven by conflict on how the history can bewell engaged through iconographically-centered mythology thatcelebrates historical events which seek to fulfil the future promise.Piano has been used as fulcrum of the conflict, with the twochildren, Willie and his sister Berniece, being the major culprits. Ifeel that Wilson has been able to redefine frustration of carryingthe past burdens and applauded the need to utilize the past. This isa plus on him since this can be compared to the issues of real lifewhen past regrets never help. Rather, it is good to learn from thepast and live for the future.


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