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Ifind Charles’s post very informative because he has summarized thekey objectives of performance objectives as presented in the video. Charles highlights the three chief components of performanceobjectives, which are behavioral, which explains the exact action tobe performed by the learner e.g. count the boxes. The second is theconditional component which illustrates the exact environment inwhich the action will be performed. The third is the criterioncomponent that evaluates the performance of the learner.

Charleseffectively puts the performance objectives into a clinical contextof a Clinical Administrator. The post successfully designs the threeperformance objectives for a clinical administrator. I find Charles’screativity very interesting because he chose challenging objectiveswhich he successfully highlighted. I agree with Charles’s post oncreation of timeline for construction of a hospice as an effectiveperformance objective. Conversely, I feel that the post did notclearly illustrate the criteria, condition and behavior of theclinical administrator.

Letitia’spost is very precise and to the point. I find it very interesting toread and comprehend the information. Leticia emphasizes on theperformance objective of behavioral condition. The post highlightsthat behavior condition describes the content, skills and action, andconcepts of performance. Leticia clearly incorporates the behavioralcomponent in a clinical setting. The post highlights smiling topatients even when the patients are irritating or when tired as thebehavioral performance objective. Patients are the criteria, smilingis the behavior and tired or exhausted in the condition. The postclearly describes what the learner will perform. I agree with Letitiathat the behavioral component of smiling at patients is likely toresult in better performance objectives of clinical staff and betterpatient response.