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Thecurrent school attended by the author seems to mimic the screenmovie, Robin Wood. This implied that just like Robin Wood, the schoolwanted to extend its hand towards helping the students who came fromhumble background access the education. I feel that this was a wisestep to take, especially because every child is entitled to propereducation.

Nevertheless,despite the mission of helping the poor students being noble, itshould not be done at the expense of other people. For instance, theauthor claims that property tax was used to fund the schools wherethe students could not afford to pay. This was a directive from theSupreme Court in 1990. According to Supreme Court, districts were touse the property tax from the rich to distribute it to the poor. Themajor dilemma in this decision by the Supreme Court is how such ahigh profile institution can issue such a directive. It is ironicthat instead of supporting the grievances of the community, theSupreme Court issues something that inflicts suffering to some peoplejust because they earn more income than the others. This has madesome schools to file a law suit to oppose this decision by SupremeCourt.

Whileit is ethically right to assist the poor, it bits logic to becompelled to assist them. I believe helping should be throughpersonal will rather than command. Also, imposing high property taxeson rich neighborhoods implies a more widened gap between the rich andthe poor. This is because property tax make the value of the land inrich neighborhoods became extremely expensive and, consequently,unaffordable to low income earners.

Therefore,while it is true that the public wants to be self-reliant where theirchildren can attend learning institutions without fear of schoolfees, it is also true that needy people will never lack in oursocieties. However, the best approach may not be on increasingproperty taxes but on empowering the communities economically,especially the core breadwinners. Furthermore, though the governmentrelies on taxes to enhance its operations, there are other avenueswhere the tax increase should be imposed rather than the property taxonly. This is the only way that equality will be promoted.


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