Reflection Paper



Ahuman being created by God has been embroiled to utter sinfuldarkness. Strong evil forces have engulfed humanity that man hasabandoned God’s ways. Man’s disobedience leads to punishment byGod and this is manifested through life hardships and rage of peaceinstability. God is holy, and since man was created in God’s image,there should be no pestering, but understanding our lives and comingback to Christ. Sin separates man from God, because He loves us. Godsent his beloved son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sin.Therefore, through the new Christian life, we can participate by hopefor fulfillment of God’s promises, faith in God’s care throughthe Holy Spirit and love to exist in partnership with each other.

Humanbeings are multifaceted in nature. Despite the fact that we werecreated in the image of God, the fall of man from God has left thatimage distorted. Although through Christ, we are forgiven and able tolive obediently to God rather than disobey Him. By living a new lifein Christ, we must fully beware of ourselves so that we may trulyknow God. By being created as the image of God, many people havedistorted its meaning (Daniel 2004, p 145). According to me, beingcreated as the image of God means we should find true identity toco-exist with each other including other creatures our creation byGod was for communal existence therefore we should live inpartnership with each other.

Pertainingto the issue of fallen humanity, Daniel (2004, p 150) has pointed outthat if created in the image of God is all about freely responding toGod, then sin is a denial of God’s relationship and grace. He alsolaments that if a human being God’s image means openly coming toHis reign, then sin can be a refusal of human destiny appointed byGod (Daniel 2004, p 150). First, sin is a condition which isuniversal and also a chosen act responsible of human. Secondly, sinis the corruption of a person which is also manifested in public andprivate structures of life. Thirdly, sin is our denial to live inrelationship with God and denial to seek his grace, including refusalto live peacefully in community able to participate and reflect God’simagery.

However,God has not abandoned us in our sinful conditions. He sent as a giftof salvation through Jesus Christ, through him we are able to conquerdeath since God uses death as a judgment for sin. Jesus Christ isable to save and take away all our sins if we confess and leave them.

Ournew relationship with Christ is characterized by freedom from slaveryof sin to follow God and other brethren in partnership. Throughobedience and the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are able to understandGod’s promises which orient our lives. Our freedom is tightlybounded by three factors relationship responsibility before God,life in relationship with others and openness to God’s promise.

Inconclusion, in this new life in Jesus Christ, we can participate byhope, faith and love in the new humanity made through Christ.Concerning hope, we find a new freedom and hope that in our future weshall live in expectation of the fulfillment of the promise of God inJesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Through faith, we trust andremain confident in the gracious care of God provided to us by thepower of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. Finally, love becomesour responsibility, existing in communion and partnership with otherswho believes in Christ and set free by the Holy Spirit.


DanielL. M. (2004). FaithSeeking Understanding: An Introduction To Christian TheologyHumanity As Creative Sinner And New Being In Christ, Pg143-165 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.